fragile parcel unenclosed parcel outside parcel ordinary parcel
COD parcel urgent parcel raw soil immature soil
additional postage additional charge current savings account make-up of items
making-up of mails making-up of despatches UPU Congress consistency of a postcard
savings contract money controller overhead chain conveyor TPO official
postal guard lavender copy post horn correction of address
out-of-date correspondence old correspondence air-mail correspondence unsurcharged air-mail correspondence
surcharged air-mail correspondence routine correspondence official correspondence unpaid correspondence
exchange quotation weight unit weight step mixed ordinary mail
reduced cost partial cost indelible pencil copying-ink pencil
establishment of mails establishment of despatches declaration of support declaration of value
fraudulent declaration flaw in printing missed mail-connection chain conveyor
application for reimbursement request for withdrawal application for transfer count of items
perforation mail despatch air-mail despatch
special mail special despatch surface mail surface despatch
bulk posting mail closing time latest posting time indemnify the sender
serve drying by freezing waive duty take duty off
determination of responsibility divert traffic misappropriate an amount embezzle an amount
irrecoverable debt deviator rerouting of mails size of items
phonograph record gramophone record basic distance weighted average distance
postal delivery mail delivery official document excess document
missing document void document deposit of instruments duly prepaid
isolated dwelling exchange of mail money changer currency changer
sample of merchandise scale of rates scale of charges distance step
distance echelon periodical portrait element of work
twin band riser vertical riser commemorative issue automatic stacker
postal franking impression postage-paid imprint date-stamp impression collection of amounts
customs examination area customs enclosure endorsement statistical sample
put into bags put into sacks window envelope collective envelope
first day cover stamped envelope postal item air-mail item
seized item confiscated item registered item excess item
express item bag rack drop bag fitting bag frame
unenclosed item missing item standardised item ordinary item
general delivery item poste restante item item in wrapper item specially selected
printer s proof equivalent of charges postage stamp assay postal establishment
sub Post Office tie-on label fly-tag express
facsimile postman-driver postman postman using a vehicle
send on forward closing of a mail closing of a despatch
letter bill nil letter bill parcel bill reference slip
amortised security monitoring film strip propaganda slogan
publicity slogan advertising slogan qualified official competent official
UPU Special Fund DL Format standardised postal size sample layout
enquiry form postal truck postal van stowage van
mail storage car missend a mail missend a despatch missend an item
assay fees transit charges free of charges postage-free
exempted from charges free postage UPU gold franc chute
letter gauge postage identification stamp conveyance rate zone
post office window post office counter postman s stopping place outline photogravure
half-tone photogravure posting time mailing time schedule of deliveries
delivery times sample meter impression printed insert printed enclosure
indelible indemnity for damage compensation for damage telex indicator
telex answer-back code individual in abeyance held over
underpayment of postage insufficient postage civilian internee error band
confidence limits service irregularity day of issue UPU Day
conventional language scanner reading head consecutive interpreting
consecutive interpretation insured letter covering letter prove one s identity
mail-box collection posting collection letter collection bundle
direct bundle method of address freedom of transit writing line
bag-cleaning machine typing machine bundling machine stamp-cancelling machine
counter machine multi-purpose counter machine single-purpose counter machine missent
subscription money order card money order postal money order COD money order
list money order telegraph money order postal market postmark collection
marcophily border of a stamp code sign code mark
postmark code markings absorbent substance service indication
service endorsement present for collection method of settlement change of address
alteration of address postal monopoly living pathogenic micro-organism unclaimed
postcode postal code prohibited article lost property item
article found perforation gauge UPU clearing house counter transaction
counter operation counter banking transaction non-banking counter transaction postal operation
objection to a payment orthodromy opening of mails opening of despatches
accompanying documents stamped paper via air mail by air mail
address portion sealing flap harrow perforation single-line perforation
comb perforation subscription period outward clearance customs entry
thematic philately constructive philately phonopost packet phonopost item
supporting papers background papers final delivery sorting laying in
final delivery separation seal a mail seal a despatch duplication
revenue centre working position Postbur letter post
general delivery poste restante Postex Postgen
preobliteration precancellation service regulation service instruction
proof of identity acceptance of mails acceptance of despatches subscription rate
protectograph decimal metric system receipt discharge
ramp local delivery zone local delivery area undeliverable items
returned letters receipt acknowledgement unsuccessful enquiry
official registration recovery of charges facing up refused
domestic system internal service internal system domestic service
international system international service customs regulation rebagging of a mail
rebagging of a despatch T-DAB Union magazine rotogravure
collective sack collective bag glazed paper seal of a mail
seal of a despatch expense heading cost section coin tester
coin rejector International letter-writing week letter-post service internee service
postal service internal postal service international postal service local postal service
rural postal service urban postal service postage stamp signature identification mark
in suspense held over subscription to a newspaper mail storage compartment
rifling of mails theft of despatches theft of mails rifling of despatches
postage stamp overprint operational floor space surcharge air surcharge
suspension of services opening table copper-plate engraving presentation fee
presentation charge money order telegram account transfer telegram guiding text
third party services intermediary services stamping of items postmarking of items
date-stamp air-mail stamp air-mail postage stamp certification stamp
postal figurine postage stamp surcharged postage stamp commemorative postage stamp
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