unstuck postage stamp demonetised postage stamp official postage stamp express postage stamp
charity postage stamp parcel post stamp embossing stamp postage-due stamp
postage-due label account holder savings book holder become undeliverable
postman s walk carrier s route marginal traffic fill-up traffic
live pathogenic virus transshipment of mails transshipment of despatches transmission of items
forwarding of items detailed final sorting sorting by districts sorting by route
road sorting preparatory sorting primary sorting preliminary sorting
secondary sorting AMPTU PUAS Malayan Postal Union
Restricted Postal Union unit of contribution postal patron post orderly
post clerk value of prepayment value of postage insured value
recovery value verification of prepayment verification of postage verification of mails
verification of despatches giro inpayment surface route most rapid route
most rapid means mail van mail car tank
shellfish waters estuarial waters coastal waters removal of fins
release of water pond investigations of fauna fresh flaps
borehole cold smoking process genus minced
marketing installations inter-esterify soft roe milt
fish migrating nematodes roes fish eggs
from the wild anadromic fish saltwater fish shellfish products
marine products fisheries sector caviar substitutes chapter
column MIRAS Individual Partnership Programme Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
Air Independent Propulsion GGDO net return net benefit
Human Rights Association Constitutional Court net salary net remuneration
BRDA CNTS extraordinary general meeting IDIC
Zairian Armed Forces NAPARE Meat Information Centre Partnership Coordination Cell
SPRP postal traffic repayment additional security
assembling of goods ATA Convention autonomous suspensive measure autonomous Community measure
certificate of quality classification in a nomenclature classify in a nomenclature classify in a tariff
CN heading Committee on Recovery commercial level common storage
Community movement carnet comparable goods complete article complete process
composite goods condition of sale cumulation oral customs declaration
for customs purposes complete customs procedure Customs Convention origin declaration
declaration of origin export declaration declaration of export disappearance of goods
disassembled article dutiable value duty applicable particular use
end-use equivalent compensation system erecting of goods essential character
essential spare part export operation export goods export charge
exporting Member State extension of a period favourable tariff arrangement fiscal component
footnote reference footnote further processing operations general rule
General Interpretative Rule goods brought unauthorised group of products hand baggage
HS heading identify the goods import goods import operation
import formalities imported goods incomplete article information certificate
intact goods invalidate a customs declaration inward processing records irretrievable loss
items of charge job processing levy system Unified Energy Systems
liberalised product local clearance procedure marketing activities minimum customs value
mixed goods natural preference new product non-discriminatory customs tariff
non-originating product office of discharge packing containers parcel post
package preferential tariff measure preferential rate prefinanced goods
preliminary provision privileged operation product obtained protective component
protective character quantative scale method quota opened semi-finished product
semi-finished goods repair of goods restoring of goods schedule of duties
seasonal rate release the security separate declaration specialised customs-clearance point
specific duty specific suspensive arrangement stage of manufacture stock turnover period
sub-chapter successive reduction summary declaration supplementary unit
supplementary declaration tariff measure text notice of termination
transship goods type of warehouse unassembled article unfinished article
unlawful introduction unauthorised bringing unload goods victualling warehouse
MED-FAP relational database sales engineer office equipment
agricultural physics People s Revolutionary Army National Action Party National Action Party
National Action Party National Action Party Revolutionary Armed Forces National Conciliation Party
Revolutionary Workers Party Christian Democrat Party Christian Democrat Party National Democratic Party
National Democratic Party National Democratic Party National Democratic Party National Democratic Party
National Democratic Party National Democratic Party National Democratic Party United Workers Front
Revolutionary Nationalist Movement National Revolutionary Movement Revolutionary Left Movement Revolutionary Left Movement
Liberal Party Social Christian Party Democratic Party Democratic Party
Democratic Party Somaliland Liberation Front dual photon absorption quality factor
Q-switch direct illumination Gabor hologram dual wavelength holography
differential interferometer dual wave interferometer dual wavelength interferometry differential interferometry
plane wave p-wave primary wave reference wave
secondary wave spherical wave Newtonian optics wave optics
quantum optics Ministry of Finance pre-trial hearing Senegalese Democratic Alliance
Awami National Party Gabonese Socialist Association HRCP Economic Value Added
Civic United Front International Peace Bureau Aga Khan Foundation MEADS
CSSD Social Democrats MENA NENA
FASP Market News Service International Cricket Council privileged investment zone
FBEAG air planning unit METROPOLIS Progressive Labour Movement
agricultural country Cameroons National Union Northern Armed Forces Popular Armed Forces
Chadian Armed Forces Western Armed Forces Democratic African Rally Chilean Comunist Party
Chamber of Municipalities Chamber of Counties Gabonese Socialist Union official holiday
CDPL grain-growing country corn-growing country standard metabolic rate
landed property land UDPM Malta Labour Party
Labour Party Nepali Congress Party Nepali Congress National Development Council
Supreme Military Council agricultural economist British Antarctic Territory Jamboori Watan Party
People s Democratic Party COSU Senagalese United Opposition Senegalese Republican Movement
LD-MPT cash deposit limitation SLPP food rationing
accession MNC-Lumumba Congo National Movement-Lumumba forward claim
Brussels Urban Development ARCC Labour Court CMLN
open competition trade credit two-way communication implied consent
cross petition take into custody calculated interest opening capital
requisite capital operating capital individual case certificate of incorporation
assize chamber exclusive rights clause exculpatory clause forfeiture clause
commitment charge Capital Issues Committee condition subsequent subsequent condition
condition precedent contingent condition precedent condition confirmatory decision
choice of law contract without consideration enforceable contract allottee
laboratory technician simple contract chose in action Human Capital Index
compensation claim operating expenses operating costs trusteeship
conveyance duty chattels real industrial combine charitable corporation
capital outlay insurance compensation committal proceedings statutory incapacity
cash base order of committal community resources centre commissioned officer
establishment chart hiring contract pre-contract preliminary contract
comprehensive report challenging a judge condemnation proceedings compassionate benefits
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