Tourist Management Enterprise bird cherry European Tea Committee common hop-tree
executive order ENSR animation Fetratab
PVAM pension adjustment index Ministry of Defence Ministry for Environment
CARRURE European rural workshop auxiliary officer pension adjustment system
cooperative co-op trade unionist trade-union movement
trade unionism Green Plan Fisheries Department Forestry Department
Agricultural Department Board of Agriculture FATIS permanent capital
IAIAS Inter-American Coffee Agreement International Sericultural Commission IVFZ
site development ICAE PWIF International Veterinary Association
International Botanical Congress TUIAFPW International Hunting Council International Dairy Committee
IASC International Tea Committee IUNS permanent partial disablement
International Wheat Council International Sugar Council phased-in retirement IRRI
IAAC Farmworkers Trade Union Agricultural Producers Cooperative agricultural committee
Farmers Advisory Committee agricultural society Agricultural Administration Flora Europaea Organization
Pan-American Livestock Exhibition Pan-American Coffee Board Plant Protection Office Plant Protection Organization
land settlment board land settlement office Variety Certification Office semi-official body
semi-official agency consumers union economic committee skim off
agricultural legislation agricultural master plan agricultural law agricultural structure policy
agrarian structural policy settlement on retirement exclusion from succession charge to
notarization attestation assessment regulations Land laws
monopoly on liquors alcohol monopoly price c i f agricultural property law
right of property right of ownership register universal heir
sole heir expropriate disposess expropriation
dispossession expropriation law right of dispossession disinherit
entitled to inherit heir inheritance heritage
heir at law devisee inherit coparcenary
succession statutory intestate succession order of succession devolution upon death
testamentary succession inheritance estate hereditary farm act heiress
inheritable hereditary inheritance tax death duty
inheritance traditions inheritance customs legacy unfitted to inherit
testamentary contract coparcenary contract acquire by usucaption acquire by prescription
usucaption acquisitive prescription principle of primogeniture agricultural financial law
Land consolidation act farm laws seed act Law concerning feedstuffs
municipal code corn marketing act guarantee period rural customary law
land register land charge register real servitude easement
basic quota transfer of property conveyance of property stamp duty
production ceiling escheated farm heirless farm escheat
farm transfer guarantee charge German domestic trade borough-English tenure
law on cartels anti-trust law cartel price cadastral register
regulations concerning sludge cession of land agricultural labour legislation landscape conservation
landscape protection agricultural tribunal farming law agricultural act
food law marketing law marketing act dairy produce act
coparcener joint heir co-heir legislation on neighbourhood
joint use collective use right of lien right of pledge
lien plant protection legislation price-cost trend price agreement
price maintenance fixed price seal of approval gavelkind
report retroactive right of litter divide
pest insurance trustee transfer a property transfer of property
take over undivided not transferable inalienable
convey alienate conveyance alienation
inalienability Moral Re-Armament leave bequeath
hereditary transmission bequeathing subject to prescription subject to limitation
conveyor with rollers livestock marketing act livestock breeding act execution
forest management planning water legislation water byelaws water rights
pasture act give a receipt give a discharge sequestration
viticultural land register wine quality regulation wine industry legislation forced sale
sale under execution compulsory execution agrarian society rural sociology
retired people retired farmer support ratio rural unemployment
advancement opportunities coupling emigration self-sufficiency
autarchy farm labourer farmers agricultural community
personnel action upland farmer hill farmer hill farmer
agricultural occupation professional change of occupation combination therapy
combination anti-retroviral therapy non-agricultural population settled population established population
population movement population pressure population trend population equilibrium
population group demographic group decrease in population decline in population
population statistics population structure demography increase in population
population growth growth in population interpersonal relations internal migration
agricultural population density social differentiation graduate horticulturist graduate gardener
number of marriages marriage-rate immigration rate development agent
recreation area rural family farm family large family
keeper ranger field-guard free time
leisure farm managers farm executives gardener s assistant
apprentice in horticulture gardener s apprentice apprentice in gardening gardener
run-down area densely populated area thinly populated area sparsely populated area
birth-control falling birth-rate birth-rate rural community
generation conflict plural society great landowner landed proprietor
landowner estate owner farm manager semi-nomadic
rural crafts rural house-keeping rural home economics herdsman
herd husbandry officer pressure group representation of interests
nuclear family class conflict of small farmers social sanctions
landed gentry rural population rural youth farm hand
agricultural pilot living conditions demographic measures birth control measures
multi-generation family dairyman milker cowman
subsidiary part-time farming subsidiary holding nomad nomadism
commuting rural proletariat rural psychology aspirations
rural resettlement urban-rural migration staff management personnel management
seasonal labour seasonal migration shepherd rural classes
tractor-driver deeply rooted pigman piggery man
self-esteem self perception alpine herdsman sexual behaviour
personnel policy pipeline project rural social policy social structure
urban continuum urban population socio-economic status herdsman
stockman cattleman overpopulation autochthon
indigene aborigine inter-breeding miscegenation
crossing merging integration expellee
population census full-time farmer priority area migration
rural welfare system housing conditions livestock manager breeding manager
compulsory delivery delivery quota contract of delivery sales guarantee
market guarantee marketing control derived levy skimming amount
amount of levy price-adjustment scheme levy system devaluation
report on agriculture agricultural reporting farm crisis agricultural crisis
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