New Musical Seminar Social Democratic Front MEDRAP EPDS
Winchester Commodities Group TWIC USCF Internet Chess Club
Virtual Shareware Library SBSP National Ignition Laboratory NFTE
polyethylene naphthalate discharge from liability additional quota artificial intelligence
battered child Brussels Treaty Cassis de Dijon-principle catch quota
central government budget one-armed bandit fruit machine civil service
classification of goods Commission decision Community action programme Community aid
community home home country home state state of origin
country of origin currency snake dental service disadvantaged group
reserve requirement EEA preferential origin distance learning facility environmental control
forestry and logging fortress Europe personal savings household savings
import restriction loss of income new approach preferences
production standard programming property transactions public opinion
railway transport ratify TIKB refugee quota
refusal to supply road transport safety equipment court social work
social service summit meeting supranational retroactive payment
technical equipment term of trade time factor transport of goods
women s employment Awami League roster of eligibles OWHC
revolving fund bomblet bottlenose dolphin ECMO
hepatitis E virus black hat black hat hacker cracker
black hat hacker cyberpunk GEHR running costs
Arnold-Chiari deformity Surrogate Teleoperated Vehicle hurricane willy-willy
Tay-Sachs disease R committee salary schedule salary scale
LMWH low-molecular-weight heparin bio-inspired boosting
typhoon binge eating Tourette s syndrome Tourette syndrome
rubbish bird pitohui variable pitohui Multinational Interception Force
National Property Fund COIL Professional Footballers Association comma-separated value file
comma separated file frames per second Internet surfer net-on-a-chip machine
network computer shell PC Internet appliance crop residue management
naphthalene acetic acid contribution scale scale of assessment scale of contributions
assessment scale Clean Water Act variable rate technology COLING
Management Development Programme BSEP water quality Czech Television
Singapore Democratic Party ARCS REER cisco
lake cisco lake herring lakefish tullibee
chub big powan masu salmon Japanese salmon
sockeye salmon red salmon golden trout cutthroat trout
blackspotted trout grass pickerel muskellunge maskinonge
spiny ant-eaters echidnas monotremes moderlieschen
graining skelly chub dace
vairone stroemling naturally spreading psorosis CFFTP
narrow-barred Spanish mackerel Indo-Pacific king mackerel CARDI selection board
Canine Distemper Virus anchovies green moray PATU
Pan-African Telecommunications Union AMFIE black widow spider black widow
therapeutic technique remedial skill time deposit account ultrasound
service contract Mediterranean dealfish red bream life peer
Baron for life thin-lipped grey mullet International Peace Centre GIDP
Nassau grouper pumpkin-seed black crappie American yellow perch
zingel fourhorn sculpin sea snail Gender-Related Development Index
scaldfish ratfish rabbitfish long-nose gar
Northern anchovy Californian anchoveta ALSD ZLSD
solenocerid shrimps Black Sea turbot dolphinfishes false scad
Canary drum baardman OLRT processing polystegan seabreams
blueskin seabream galjoen lesser African threadfin cobias
longfin bonefish king crabs Indian Ocean lobsterette Indian white prawn
striped red shrimp jack-knife shrimp unicorncod unicorn cod
king soldier bream silver-biddies mojarras fourfinger threadfin
golden trevally Indo-Pacific blue marlin rural regeneration area ERIT
International Data Center Cetes Treasury certificate UEFA Cup
UEFA Europa League Inter-Cities Fairs Cup HKITCC service differential
LJCO Grand Unity Party Cambridge University Press Edvac
SDSM Australian Rugby League departmental secretariat district
Municipal Executive Committee district General Councils actual population
autonomy local government basic autonomy Provincial Administration
autonomy by agreement deputy mayor resident population district judge
self-government district judge fast-track autonomous community department
metropolitan area institutional authorities subordinate state body administrative organisation
municipal territory municipal register census-taking criminal court
adopted municipality urban municipality rural municipality municipal consortium
administrative hierarchy public welfare committee municipalization of services municipal works
local Corporation local authority election meeting Deputy
Generalitat Head of Government Provincial Official Gazette Administrative Procedure Law
Royal Decree-Law Local Government Law ward district
peripheral administration portfolio ministerial post councillor responsible
Municipal Standing Committee public body corporation centralisation
decentralisation people s representative rural district self-determination
Central Labour Tribunal labour courts Council of Galicia judicial decree
judicial ruling judicial decision Provincial Councillor agenda
jurisdictional body private property municipal finances provincial finances
local finances chartered municipality system chamber Court of Arbitration
control of administration autonomy process Metropolitan Council Civil Service Law
alderman Provincial Court Land Law National Development Plan
Public Investment Programme Regional Economic Plan Inter-Regional Compensation Fund Inter-island Provincial Consortium
magistrate judge register of population Political Action Committee
ministry Andalusia Council National Consumers Institute resident
Interdepartmental Committee first-level autonomous community Lehendakari second-level autonomous community
Regional Planning Law national security forces national police force Guardia Civil
municipal police force parliamentary committee district mayor district mayor
Statute of autonomy Galician Audit Council Departmental Inspectorate tax-sharing system
Municipal Council Subcommittee on Cooperation plenary meeting hamlet
Standing Legislative Committee Temporary Committee General Committee Chamber of Agriculture
Language Standardisation Law municipal judge Juvenile Court Social Court
Andalusian Advisory Council Rural Employment Plan court of law Subcommittee on Consortia
parliamentary privilege Public Contracts Law National Police-Coordination Force plenary sitting
National Economic Council legislative delegation system Provincial Commission Community initiative
parliamentary initiative government initiative Independent Judicial Union Provincial Director
Regional Director Saragossa Provincial Council Parliament habeas corpus procedure
Regional Director FECAM Regional Housing Committee district
Health Service Social Welfare Department Inter-island General Council Competition Court
regional directorate Historic Territories Executive Council Urban Property Tax
Navarre police force Standing Committee Language Standardisation Consortium State Budget
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