Ombudsman of Catalonia Deputy Public Prosecutor group of voters village
General Assembly Legal Department residents association Regional Assembly
National Criminal Court Regional Appeal Court Cortes of Valencia Government bench
public notice proclamation ward district
capital assets voluntary municipal consortium Navarre Executive Council of Extremadura
Assembly of Extremadura State Official Gazette Local Assembly white ball
black ball Council of Communities Madrid Assembly representative
Cortes of Navarre Rented Property Law Valencian Government Valencian Council
House Senate Provincial Executive Committee Provincial Departmental Directorate
Provincial Government Civil Government Spanish Constitution summons
convocation Local Cooperation Committee Coordination Committee Local Boundary Commission
Committee on Incompatibilities fact-finding committee Special Audit Committee Under-Secretaries General Committee
Advisory Legal Committee standing committee Agricultural Relations Institute Fishermen s Association
Inter-island Technical Committee Government Executive Committee Special Committee Advisory Committee
Standing Selection Board Open Council constitutional dispute local authority
Area Council Advisory Council Executive Council Council of State
Governing Council Council of Ministers Labour Council Executive Council
urgent procedure emergency procedure Mountain Area Council Constitution
municipal referendum summons convocation landslide
clean sweep Cortes of Aragon credentials submission of unconstitutionality
motion of confidence point of order parliamentary debate ordinance
by-law emergency declaration decree Ombudsman
legislative delegation Provincial Delegation Government Delegate Island Delegate
local authority boundary department Home Affairs Department interpellation
Provincial Council Regional Council Basque police force elected Deputy
Provincial Senator line-by-line discussion detailed discussion municipal district
Statute of Andalusia Statute of Aragon Statute of Asturias Urban Development Regulation
Statute of Catalonia Statute of Cantabria Tax-Collection Regulation Statute of Extremadura
Statute of Galicia administrative distraint execution by substitution Statute of Madrid
Statute of Navarre d Hondt system d Hondt method Cabinet
Council House Council Executive Civil Governor Government
caretaker Government Basque Government Basque Ombudsman parliamentary group
regional group representative agent Head of State
National Defence Council District Council Board of Spokespersons Security Council
Council of Government Central Electoral Board General Council Area Electoral Board
Provincial Electoral Board Municipal District Council Parish Council outline law
framework law harmonisation law Electoral Law General Budget Law
call to order roll-call General Fiscal Law magistrate s court
Municipal Court Steering Committee election committee magistrate
minister without portfolio motion motion of censure industrial municipality
tourist municipality Autonomous Communities Observer ministerial order cooperation body
District Court rural parish legal jurisdiction judicial district
rural district session of parliament election period question
Parish Council Chairman financial self-sufficiency principle of objectivity principle of solidarity
principle of unity accelerated procedure single-reading procedure election propaganda
non-government bill non-legislative motion judgment Council House
government bill electoral fraud quorum Royal Decree
appeal for revision consultative referendum countersignature register of documents
administrative regulation Political Studies Journal request Secretary
State Secretary Secretary-General run-off ballot parliamentary week
senator Economic Department Honourable Member session
extraordinary session sitting in camera bicameralism bicameral system
Deputy Civil Governor Court of Audit Priority Redevelopment Area Legislative Assembly
Provincial Labour Court Property Regulation Regulation on Contracts Urban Management Regulation
Local Finance Regulation Town-Planning Regulations red-throated pipit International Technical Meeting
Department of Defense national parliament intelligence officer Centrist Party
Centre Party Regional State Secretary COCOM Common Community Commission
federal state Flemish Region Flemish Community Executive provincial authority
linguistic group community government national divisor executive power
linguistic region Dutch-speaking Region French-speaking region German-speaking region
German-speaking Community French Community Belgian nationality French Community Council
French Community Executive conurbation council German-speaking Community Council Community Council
Walloon Regional Council German-speaking Community Executive Brussels-Capital Regional Council King s minister
right of initiation municipal clerk parliamentary conciliation committee electoral operation
individual matter motion of confidence Act of dissolution Flemish Council
right to countersign Brussels Region Provincial Council federation of municipalities
follow-up card magnetic stripe card observer recessed deterrence
Mediterranean Civil Forum EU-Mediterranean Summit Euro-Mediterranean conference EU-Mediterranean conference
Joint Vienna Institute mediator Common Security Alliance single rate
National Party People s Power faction Russia s Regions Regions of Russia
Francophone summit European Treaty American ginseng sinking fund
ATACMS COHRE socially useful work Information Sciences Institute
Solidere competitive intelligence Natural History Museum Militant Clergy
Combatant Clergy Association Militant Clerics Servants of Construction Executives of Construction
MED-MIGRATION MED Programme national intelligence service Luxembourg Football Federation
Physical Improvement Plan intelligent transport SD-Rom Super Density-Rom
Italian Renewal Italian Renewal Party RI - DINI Dini Italian Renewal
Gulf War Syndrome Desert Storm syndrome cyberwarfare cyber war
debt collection agency information warrior knuckle duster tear-gas grenade
nunchaku side arm flare pistol telecommunication network management
ORNET Origin Network Ordinary General Meeting General Meeting
AIPL American Geriatrics Society ACEC AFOPDA
Alabama UNOMUR Java applet applet
golden parakeet golden conure monarch butterfly grey mouse lemur
Japanese crested ibis God s Army chowchilla AADPA
ASSS AATPO AALCC African Accounting Council
AARINENA Niger Basin Authority Asian-Pacific Broadcasting Union ACARTSOD
Assistant Director-General Asian Development Institute ADIFAL AETF
AFCA Administrative Applications Branch AFCFP AFCIS
AFCN AFCT Technical Applications Branch AFEN
Financial Services Division AFFA AFFF Field Programmes Section
AFFH Headquarters Programmes Section AFFP AFFP
Payments Service AFFT Treasury Service AFMA
AFPE AFPLAN AFPM Medical Service
AFPR AFRACA AFROSAT Administrative Services Division
Asian Fisheries Society AFSAT AFSCM Commissary
AFSI Infrastructures Service AFSP Procurement Service
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