pethidine intermediate C mucate Nicocodine nicodicodine
nicomorphine hydrochloride noracymethadol noracymethadol gluconate noracymethadol hydrochloride
norcodeine norlevorphanol hydrobromide norlevorphanol hydrochloride normethadone hydrobromide
norpipanone norpipanone hydrobromide oxycodone bitartrate oxycodone camphosulfonate
oxycodone pectinate oxycodone phenylpropionate oxycodone phosphate oxycodone terephthalate
pethidine intermediate A pethidine intermediate B morphine hydrobromide morphine hypophosphite
morphine isobutyrate morphine lactate morphine meconate morphine methiodide
morphine methylbromide morphine methylchloride morphine methylsulfonate morphine mucate
morphine nitrate morphine phenylpropionate morphine phosphate morphine phtalate
morphine stearate morphine sulfate morphine tartrate morphine valerate
morphine-N-oxide morphine-N-oxide quinate methadone intermediate methylchloride
methylsulfonate moramide intermediate morphine acetate morphine citrate
morphine gluconate morphine hydriodide etorphine ethylmorphine methyliodide
ethylmorphine phenylethylbarbiturate ethylsulfonate ethylmorphine camphosulfonate ethylmorphine hydrobromide
phenylacetylecgonine methylester ecgonine phenylacetylecgonine methylester ecgonine cinnamoylmethylester methyl cinnamyl ecgonine
cinnamoylecgonine methylester ecgonine methylester dihydrocodeine phosphate dihydrocodeine thiocyanate
hydromorphone sulfate hydromorphone terephthalate isobutyrate lactate
levomethorphan hydrobromide levomethorphan tartrate levomoramide dihydrochloride levophenacylmorphan methylsulfonate
levorphanol tartrate meconate metazocine hydrobromide methadone hydrobromide
d-methadone l-methadone l-methadone bitartrate hydrocodone bitartrate
hydrocodone citrate hydrocodone hydrochloride hydrocodone phosphate hydrocodone terephthalate
hydromorphinol bitartrate hydriodide hydrobromide fentanyl citrate
furethidine hydrobromide gluconate guaiacolsulfonate phenazocine methylsulfonate
phenazocine hydrobromide phenoperidine hydrochloride phenazocine hydrochloride phenylacetate
phenylethylbarbiturate phenylpropionate pholcodine pholcodine guaiacolsulfonate
pholcodine hydrochloride pholcodine phenylacetate pholcodine sulfonate pholcodine tartrate
phthalate piminodine ethylsulfonate piritramide properidine hydrochloride
quinate racemethorphan hydrobromide racemethorphan tartrate racemic
racemoramide dihydrochloride racemorphan hydrobromide racemorphan hydrochloride racemorphan tartrate
stearate tartrate terephthalate thebacon hydrochloride
thebaine hydrochloride thebaine tartrate trimeperidine hydrochloride valerate
phenadoxone hydrochloride phenampromide hydrochloride pethidine intermediate B hydrochloride oxymorphone hydrochloride
oxycodone hydrochloride norpipanone hydrochloride normorphine hydrochloride normethadone hydrochloride
nicocodine hydrochloride hydromorphinol hydrochloride hydromorphone hydrochloride isomethadone hydrochloride
ketobemidone hydrochloride levorphanol hydrochloride metazocine hydrochloride d-methadone hydrochloride
l-methadone hydrochloride methyldesorphine hydrochloride metopon hydrochloride morphine hydrochloride
MARG Controlled Quality Criteria subitem subscriber
deck barge hopper barge lash-seabee barge marsupials
marsupial mice bandicoots wombats wallabies and kangaroos
bats primates lemurs aye-ayes
tamarins and marmosets New World monkeys Old World monkeys gibbons
anthropoidal monkeys edentates ant-eaters sloths
armadillos scaly ant-eaters pangolins pangolins
rodents squirrels and marmots rats and mice chinchillas
cetaceans river dolphins dolphins porpoises
grey whales rorquals right whales bears
hyaenas felines cats true seals
proboscideans elephants sea cows dugongs
manatees odd-toed ungulates tapirs rhinos
rhinoceroses even-toed ungulates rheas penguins
albatrosses pelicans and kin boobies and gannets frigate birds
New world vultures true hawks falcons and caracaras mound
builders curassows and guans kagu parrots and kin
parrots turacos plantain eaters owls
barn owls hummingbirds trogons trogons
hornbills woodpeckers cotingas pittas
scrub-birds white-eyes honeyeaters birds of paradise
freshwater turtles land tortoises sea turtles leather-back turtles
soft-shelled turtles alligators and caimans gavials tuatura
lizards geckos agamids chameleons
iguanids lizards gila monsters venomous lizards
beaded lizards snakes Boidae snakes colubrid snakes
organpipe corals giant salamanders tail-less amphibians true toads
ceratodes bony-tongues Mindoro zone-tailed pigeon Mindoro imperial pigeon
tinamous stony corals cactus family euphorbias
lemurs sportive lemurs gentle lemurs aye-aye
cycad family Plains wanderers thylacines mole amphibians
vipers front-fanged snakes skinks teiid lizards
snake-necked turtles sideneck turtles long-tailed marsupial-mouse long-tailed sminthopsis
long-tailed dunnart sandhill dunnart sandhill sminthopsis large desert marsupial-mouse
Tasmanian wolf thylacine Tasmanian tiger pig-footed bandicoot
greater bilby rabbit bandicoot rabbit-eared bandicoot dalgite
lesser rabbit bandicoot lesser rabbit-eared bandicoot white-tailed rabbit bandicoot yallara
lesser bilby little marl marl Western barred bandicoot
barret bandicoot Queensland hairy-nosed wombat Northern hairy-nosed wombat rufous
Western hare-wallaby wurrup ormala munning
band-hare-wallaby bridled wallaby merrin bridled nail-tailed wallaby
wurrung crescent nail-tailed wallaby rat-kangaroos bettongs
desert rat-kangaroo plains rat-kangaroo bluff-nosed rat-kangaroo Mortlock fruit bat
Samoan fruit bat insular flying fox Goeldi s monkey Goeldi s tamarin
Goeldi s marmoset white-eared marmoset buffy-tufted-ear marmoset buff-headed marmoset
golden marmosets golden tamarins maned tamarins golden lion tamarins
pied tamarin bare-faced tamarin white-footed tamarin cotton-top marmoset
cotton-top tamarin Liszt monkey pinche marmoset rufous-naped tamarin
cotton-headed tamarin Guatemalan howler monkey woolly spider monkey muriqui
uakaris white-nosed saki red-nosed saki red-backed squirrel monkey
Tana river mangabey Diana monkey Diana guenon wanderoo
lion-tailed macaque drill mandrill snub-nosed langur
pig-tailed langur proboscis monkey Mentawai leaf monkey long-tailed langur
red colobus Zanzibar colobus Kirk s colobus snub-nosed monkeys
douc langur entellus hanuman grey langur truc
common langur golden langur capped langur capped monkey
bonneted langur lowland gorilla gorilla chimpanzees
bonobos orang-utan Bornean orangutan giant armadillo
hispid hare Assam rabbit volcano rabbit Teporingo
Mexican prairie marmot Mexican prairie dog house-building rat greater stick-nest rat
Shark bay mouse false water-rat Macdonnell Range rock-rat Central thick-tailed rat
Chinese lake dolphin Chinese river dolphin white fin dolphin white flag dolphin
Yangtze river dolphin Baiji lake dolphin Indus river dolphins Susus
Ganges dolphins four-toothed whales bootlenose whales pot-whale
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