DfEE WOTP World University Service Doctor of Philosophy
DPhil Dr philos Doctor in Philosophy D V Sc
D V Sci DVSc B Bibl B C L
B Can L D C M M C D terms of employment
conditions of service Boston University Teacch AAACU
International Education Year IAEVG APEID ASAFED
IACI Inter-American Children s Institute EUDISED EMBA
Executive MBA Ceram EDUC Workers Education Branch
education priority zone Naval Mechanics School threshold level time deposit account
ETHZ Flemish Education Council Forcem vitamin H
Stockholm University Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation time frame timescale
timing time schedule time sharing training centre
ETUCE résumé ECRB monism
rolfing SESAM EUROSCOLA teacher training institution
EHESS National Police Academy post-graduate level training programme
European School-Parents Association DELE transfer agreement transfer of appropriations
MAGIS CLARC Al-Muhajiroun Realiter
AIEE ram raiding PBTK physiologically based toxicokinetic
State doctorate engineer engineer ASWEA
UNIS UNETPSA learning disability university hospital
Workers Educational Association IATUL IFUW continuation education
transmittal memorandum memorandum National Defence College SATURN
NEPTUNE adult education Universities Council approved school
Advanced Technician s Certificate University Technology Diploma APBG Fraunhofer institute
Steel Aids Code transportation allowance market conditions HRDC
DFAIT Islamic Summit Conference Cannabis Buyers Club SSIM
SBiH Party for Bosnia-Herzegovina Ostar National Accounting Council
BITV Bloomberg Information Television naval air base binary code
British Columbia block check character Mauritanian Central Bank business continuity management
BDRN DMRB monetary unit sampling economy class syndrome
travellers thrombosis aircraft syndrome labour court childcare payment
childcare allowance deductions from pay deductions at source travel advance payment
travel advance judge-made law case law ICASA
video teleconferencing avalanche prevention collectivization collectivism
collectivist economic situation overheated economy economic cycle
upward trend economic upswing cyclical fluctuations economic fluctuations
market fluctuations business fluctuations convertible limited convertibility
full convertibility cost-benefit cost function cultivated landscape
landscape management landscaping landscape planning alternative farming
private farming suburban farming agricultural attaché farm year
equalisation of burdens cost-of-living index travel allowance code of liberalization
free list level of liberalization linear programming production deficiency
farm mechanization mechanisation of farms blueberry flea beetle milk subsidy
milk marketing fund dairy products fund milk year milk season
compound compensatory duty low-interest funds mechanised farming motorisation
power farming mechanisation pilot farm model farm
food consumption consumption of foodstuffs preservation of nature protection of nature
conservation of nature credit an account tripartite partnership optimisation model
optimisation method centrally planned economy anti-agricultural policy multi-country umbrella programme
umbrella programme ENI umbrella programme preferential tariff preferential duty
umbrella project per capita income uncommitted earmarkings expansion of production
input industries prohibitive duty Universal Alliance improvement in quality
cross sectional analysis ruthless exploitation predatory exploitation regional policy
spatial economics physical planning regional planning risk profit
compensation for risks renewable raw materials aid in kind reorganisation
school meals service flood protection protection measures safeguard measures
precautions protective tariff farmers self-help farmers mutual aid
special treatment special regulations abandoned land socialising
socialisation state-trading countries state budget government assistance
government aid stabilisation of markets underspending underexpenditure
unencumbered funds moratorium scattered farm holdings structural improvement
structural change change of structure curtail the stages removal of subsidies
classification of goods seasonal surplus surplus utilisation levy
resettled person resettling farm resettlement land resettlement scheme
farm resettlement scheme resettlement allowance reorganisation of agriculture setting-up grants
aid for conversion environmentalist pollution environmental contamination
environmentally compatible underdevelopment road improvement consumer subsidies
consumer advice consumer education consumption unit stimulation of consumption
unobligated funds uncommitted funds aid commitment clearing agreement
utilization preservation of bird-life Royal Assent advance payment
stockpiling agency stockpiling growth rate money
currency upgrading of post reclassification of post classification of goods
queueing model wine-growing policy viticultural policy utilities
restraints of competition rules governing competition competitive advantage voluntary separation
economic economic process marketing season control of economy
rent subsidy housing construction housing shortage payments agreement
preferential interest rates consolidated tariff specific duty collection
tariff increase increase of duty free of duty duty-free
exemption from duty bonded area Hubble Space Telescope tariff legislation
customs legislation tariff war tariff policy tariff reduction
voucher document nomenclature amalgamation of farms rate of growth
growth rate compulsory collectivisation state-controlled economy mark out boundaries
village land demarcation delimitation layout
neighbouring farmer neighbour right of recovery occupational tenancy
conveyance cancellation of lease protective forest protection forest
building site building plot mountain farm upland farm
hill farm possession occupation land owner
holder property transfer shut-down closing down
owner-tenant relationship land bank land use system land appraisal
village freehold land estate tenure owner-occupier
owner-manager owner legal owner public property
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