acquisition of ownership title deed isolated farm perpetually renewable lease
heritable lease heritable long-term leaseholder farm track minor road
secondary road local road farm track farm road
fishing-right local name field name rent in cash
cash tenancy joint ownership joint tenancy common ownership
municipal area village area communal area village property
parish property common land commonage common
communal forest community forest municipal woodland common woodland
common pasture common subject to authorisation privilege
boundary border boundary ditch boundary stone
large farm latifundium large estate large tenant holding
landed property real property landed estate contiguous holding
land owning land-holder landlord land-owner
estate owner certificate of ownership real servitute easement
land charge exempt from rates rate-free servient tenement
dominant tenement agricultural land landed property real estate
real property site land encumbrance
collective farm rent ceiling maximum rent shooting right
kibbutz smallholding small property tenancy of a smallhoding
lease of a smallholding kolkhoz kolkhoz member joint property
collective property notice of termination notice to quit cancellation
notice of termination short-term lease land estates
wage rate farm tenancy farm lease farm lease act
land speculation country town real estate holding
joint owner co-tenant co-proprietor joint ownership
co-ownership joint tenant co-tenant medium-size property
moshav neighbouring parish neighbouring community adjacent land
rent in kind part-time smallholding reorganise landed property non-payment of rent
usufruct life interest usufructary lease
farm tenancy tenant farm leased farm duration of lease
take on lease lease leased area area under tenancy
object leased agricultural land tribunal level of rent leased land
rental rent protection of leaseholders tenant-right
rent control act on lease rent control tenancy
landlord-tenant relationship lease-hold deed tenancy agreement tenancy contract
lease farm tenancy tenant farming rent
farm rent waiver parcel plot
lease of plots division of land creation of allotments parcel out
divide into lots path private property private road
private footpath boundary strip balk seller s rate
selling exchange rate selling rate offer rate riding track
bridle-path pack-trail mule track gift
donation arbitration procedure settling of nomads housing estate
settlement colony rural settlement settlers housing
settlement system forms of settlement settlement area land settlement society
settlement land land settlement scheme rural settlement agricultural settlement
sovkhoz state farm state-owned forest state forest
suburban housing estate municipal farm road network share cropping
share farming share leasing share tenancy share-rent system
stockshare crop-share share tenancy agreement Inter-Cultural Association
subtenancy sublease sub-tenant sub-lessee
sub-lessor renewal tenancy at sufferance let on lease
compulsory lease WIGSI within-grade salary increment step increase
livestock lease life tenancy pre-emptive right farm woodlands
public way public road road construction working budget
legislation on pasture pasture rights grazing rights hamlet
rural housing access road eviction dispossession
subletting marketing costs distribution costs farm evaluation
appraisal of farms rate of depreciaton depreciation rate assets
crop enterprise cropping farm farming enterprise arable farm
crop plan crop ratio initial outlay starting-up costs
initial expenses original value acquisition value merit rating
job evaluation labour recording labour accounting work unit
allocation of work saving labour income earned work planning
labour potential labour peak working method work technique
rate of working rate of output job breakdown labour estimate
labour science ergonomics input running costs
expenditure outdoor work transport costs transportation costs
shipping costs fragmentation of estates private farm private undertaking
private enterprise farming without livestock economically viable unit economically viable farm
farm analysis business analysis working unit enterprise unit
work results farm profits gross return gross output
farm area type of farming system of farming farm management
farm administration fusion of farms amalgamation of farms farm size
farm-size category farm expenditure farm management estate management
farm efficiency farm operator farm manager management game
operating risk business risk farm structure farming system
readjustment of farms farm rationalisation farm management farm economic
farm activity motion study balance sheet analysis replacement value
videotex land cropping utilisation land utilisation system
arable utilisation land value fire-insurance gross output
double-entry bookkeeping farm accounting estate bookkeeping accounting results
compulsory bookkeeping farm accounting agency budgeting cash-flow analysis
continuous crop farm payment in kind wages in kind allowance in kind
allowance in grain allowance in cereals dialogue mode conversational mode
three-course rotation three-field rotation three-year field system three-year rotation
three-course cropping subsidised fertiliser average yield dynamic programming
own needs farm requirements be self-sufficient taxable value
ratable value receipts and expenditure income and expenditure valuation for rating
ratable value assessment individual farm computer working capital fund
working balance low returns low yield low output
single equation analysis poultry farm crop estimate crop insurance
high returns high yield high output medium returns
medium yield medium output diminishing returns diminishing yield
diminishing output increasing returns increasing yield increasing output
crop yield returns crop crop yield
produce of soil crop output and input yield loss
yield reduction yield increase unproductive value of output
commercial viticultural enterprise extensive farming extensive agriculture extensive farming area
family income spare-time farm layout field pattern
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