cultivable area liberal economy outside finance borrowed capital
forage-growing farm forage costs fodder costs integer programming
horticultural enterprise building maintenance costs mixed farm vegetable-growing farm
total variable costs total production animal labour costs grain-growing farm
grain equivalent profit calculation of profit marginal farm
marginal loss marginal value marginal analysis economy of scale
large farm large-scale farm large estate instinctotherapy
grassland farm basic wage ground rent rates
land tax team work group work root-crop farm
insurance against hail manual work manual labour farmstead
farmyard work indoor work repair costs intensity
intensification of farming workshop deadstock write off
investment requirement annual balance-sheet capital costs capital productivity
smallholding small-scale farm small farm collective farm
Kombinat consolidated balance sheet general accounting system variable costs
falling costs rising costs written-down value cost minimisation
costing cost accounting automobile insurance storage costs
farm work study agricultural work study zero rate productivity
efficiency increase in productivity increase in efficiency labour costs
commercial farm market value machine work machine costs
machinery insurance land improvement scheme medium-sized farm medium farm
residence contents insurance subsidiary income subsidiary earnings part-time holding
subsidiary-earning holding part-time farm annealing reinvestment
non-linear programming adverse possession life duration of use
opportunity costs fruit-growing farm parametric programming paper money
currency notes linear planning private wealth production
production per unit prime costs production costs cost of production
production cost accounting output cost accounting production method roller-blades
roller-in-line rollers in-line skates programming
quadratic programming reprogenetics audit net proceeds
net return net output net profit profitability
reserves reserve fund provision start-up
preparation setting-up time preparation time material input
standing capital pig enterprise pig farm hog farm
self-sufficiency degree of self-sufficiency Contracts Committee simultanuous equation analysis
special crop farm social charges animal labour Finance Committee
special costs stable work location of a firm conditions of location
cash pledge substitution value livestock insurance transport model
surplus disposal underproduction maintenance expenses maintenance costs
current budget entrepreneurial income operator s profit entrepreneur s profit
primitive rotation farming intensive livestock farm sales produce loading costs
ineffective time multiplying unit multiplying farm movable property
capital rent operation contract farming lateral move
livestock enterprise livestock farm ranch breeding farm
full-time holding full-time farm full mechanisation complete mechanisation
transport time private farm- time-motion study
time study part-time farm traction power draught power
deficit spending farm two-year rotation two-field system miniature holding
croft interfarm inter-enterprise farm financing
agricultural financing farm credit agricultural credit lending
credit line credit limit create a mortgage working credit
capital loan agricultural mortgage corporation farm mortgage bank mortgage by deed
registered mortgage loan lender register a motgage
record a mortgage personal loan Development Fund financing
cash credit grant a loan mortgage encumber with a mortgage
secured by mortgage mortgage bank mortgagee mortgage creditor
advanced country mortgageor agricultural investment investment guarantee
shortage of capital free capital market credit cheap credit
public credit institution application for credit application for a loan credit facilities
credit transaction credit control loan charges credit charges
loan funds borrowed funds demand for credit security
credit instrument credit policy credit restrictions loan agreement
nomination credit system short-term short-run
agricultural bank land improvement loan medium-term mortgage on chattels
chattel mortgage equipment loan chattel loan credit in kind
unsecured credit personal credit pledge security
pawn subrogation of rights delegation of rights farm warrant
mutual loan institution secured loan secured credit farm mortgage bank
debt consolidation land settlement loan redemption repayment
liquidation term of redemption period of redemption amortisation loan
amortisation scheme amortisation rate by deed pledging
pawning indebtedness interest-bearing commodity loan
interest interest-free free of interest interim loan
marketing co-operative co-operative marketing association alpine grazing association crop production group
cooperative farm group farming collective farming collective irrigation cooperative
joint buying office purchasing association purchasing cooperative buying cooperative
producer group co-ownership member of a co-operative operational exchange rate
co-operative farm co-operative enterprise co-operative property cooperative bank
co-operative movement co-operative idea cooperative wine-processing establisment wine cooperative
wine growers cooperative cooperative wine-cellar cooperative law federation of cooperatives
co-operative system co-operation share in a co-operative co-op share
trading co-operative marketing co-operative consumers co-operative consumers association
inter-farm cooperation cooperative credit institution co-operative warehouse association agricultural cooperation
machinery cooperative machinery syndicate machinery ring multi-purpose co-operative
land improvement co-operative fruit growers co-operative producers co-operative seed growers co-operative
land settlement co-operative co-operative insurance processing co-operative livestock group
grazing co-operative active head restraint breeders co-operative association farm-gate price
parafiscal levies para-fiscal taxes parafiscal charges supply
delivery purchaser buyer ready sale
slow sale marketing saleable marketable
sales promotion marketing channels distribution channels market
outlet market marketing board marketing policy
marketing difficulties agricultural export agricultural import farm prices
agricultural prices exclusive sale initial stock offer
supply exceeds demand supply and demand control of supply offer price adjustment
offered price adjusting supply of livestock entries cleared completely
complete clearance foreign-trade monopoly exhibitor exhibition
cotton market cotton exchange bake supply
supplies to consumers supply a market supplies storing of foodstuffs
stockpiling of foodstuffs purchase home trade domestic trade
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