statistics statistics statistician continuous
steady constant third country services intermediary country services
sample to draw samples delivery of mails delivery of despatches
sampling error dispersion variation scatter coefficient
dispersion coefficient Student test by-law test
test farm pilot farm trend heterogeneous
discontinuous variable variance ratio
biassed livestock statistics pre-estimate increase
growth weight probability likelihood
probability analysis probability sample net migration balance of migration
migration rate surface area floor space enumeration district
fieldworker interviewer enumerator census
coding scheme code time-series random selection
supplementary forage area supplementary fodder area cyclical wage adjustment
adjustment of wages apply for a post apply for a job recruiting agent
protection of workers protection of labour stress at work workbook
labour saving fit for work able-bodied working capacity
labour legislation work hygiene work chain work conflict
family labour force family workers family labour temporary workers
temporary labour permanent workers permanent labour labour input
input of labour manpower needs manpower requirements labour requirement
unemployment relief wood felling bucking per working day
working method production quota norm job rotation
labour turnover change of job psychology of labour protection of labour
work study labour exchange employment exchange testimonial
reference automation wages in cash level of employment
applicant gross wages award of contracts initial training
adjustment engagement employing individual piecework wage
remuneration dismissal skilled labourer skilled labour force
labour fluctuation female labour decontrol wages hired labour
whole-time labour full-time job full-time worker foreign worker
casual workers casual labour total wages unionised labour
organised labour group piecework rate part-time job manual work requirement
unskilled farm labourer group contract give notice to - base rate
part-time work farm labour agricultural labour farm hand
farm labourer farm worker agricultural worker performance related pay
incentive premium wage deduct from wages wage deduction
pay deduction pay sheet wage-earner wage increase
wage claim wage index wage level level of wages
wages tax wage tax wage freeze wage structure
salary scale wage scale wage table pay scale
wage rate private contractor shortage of manpower shortage of labour
skeleton wage-rate agreement monthly wages Constitutional Accountability Committee perquisites
payment in kind net wages premium system bonus scheme
real wages seasonal labourer clandestine work Sunday work
social legislation wage ceiling maximum wage job application
piece-wages piece-work rate piece-rate hourly wages
hourly earnings daily labourer day-labourer casual labourer
daily wages contract rate union rate class-rate
part-time workers leave vacation holiday
leave entitlement fieldwork time reduce working hours cut working hours
loss of employment job loss full-time labour foreman
works contract contract for services weekly wages pay-day
time wages EEC component type-approval extra pay scald
cool down dimension defrosting partially decayed
partly spoilt tainted damaged fortify
flavoured aromatic handling and packing stack
pile storage factor storage capacity engaged desiccation
first choice hoop iron hoop binding moisten
humidify obligatory blending obligatory admixture ventilated
ventilation airing frosted frost deposit
designation of goods description of goods basic instrument bleach
blanch block ice scald scald
scorch burn
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