indoor environment industrial activity industrial area industrial association
industrial building industrial crop industrial dump industrial economics
industrial effluent industrial emission industrial environmental policy industrial equipment
industrial fallow industrial installation industrial legislation industrial manufacturing
industrial material industrial medicine industrial noise industrial planning
industrial plant industrial pollution industrial processes industrial production statistics
industrial production waste industrial safety industrial site industrial sludge
industrial society industrial structure industrial waste industrial waste gas
industrial waste water industrial wasteland industrial water industrial zoning
industrialisation inert rendering inert waste infestation of crops
infestation of food infiltration inflammable substance inflow
informal negotiation informatics information information clearing-house
information exchange information infrastructure information kit information network
information source information system information technology industry information transfer
infraction infrared radiation infrasound inhabitant
initial training inland fishery inland navigation inland waterways transport
inorganic chemistry inorganic compounds inorganic fertiliser inorganic pollutant
insectivores insects insoluble substance inspection of records
installation requiring approval installation restoration institutional activity institutional structure
institutionalisation instrument manufacture instrumentation insulating material
insulating insurance company insurance coverage integral natural reserve
integrated management integrated pest control integrated pollution control intensive animal husbandry
intensive farming inter-library loan interaction of pesticides interdisciplinary research
interest group interim decision interlaboratory comparison intermittent noise
internal European market internal migration international agreement international assistance
international balance international co-operation international comparison international competitiveness
international conflict international convention international distribution international economic law
international environmental relations international harmonisation international relations international safety
international security international standardisation international watercourse internationally important ecosystem
internet search service interpolation interpolate interpretation method
intertidal zone intervention fund intervention on land inventory
inversion inversion layer invertebrates investigating commissioner
ion exchanger ionosphere iron industry iron scrap
ironworks industry irrigation farming irrigation system island
island ecosystem isomer isotope ivory
joint debtor judgement decision sentence judgement
judicial system judiciary rule juridical act justice
karst keeping in stock kerosine kerosene
laboratory experiment laboratory research laboratory test laboratory waste
workforce labour force labour scheduling lagoon
lagooning lake lake basin lake pollution
land allotment land clearing land conservation land consolidation
land cover land development land ecology land forming
land occupation land planning land pollution land reclamation
land register land restoration land setup land sinking
land transportation land use land use classification land use plan
land use planning land use regime land use system land value
land-based activity land-based marine pollution land-management intervention area landfill area
landfill base sealing landfill covering landfill degasification relief land
landform landscape landscape after mining landscape alteration
landscape architecture landscape component landscape conservation landscape conservation policy
landscape consumption landscape ecology landscape management landscape planning
landscape protection landscape protection area landscape utilisation landslip
landslide large combustion plant latitude laundry service
law science law amendment law branch law on nature
laws individual leachate leaching lead compound
lead-in-petrol law leaf leakage lease
leather industry legal basis legal procedure legal profession
legal rules legal regulation legal remedy legal text
legally protected right legislation legislation on pollution legislative authority
legislative competence legislative information legislative procedure legislature
leisure activity leisure centre leisure facility leisure time
Lepidoptera lesion less developed countries level of education
levy lexicon liability legislation library
library service licensing procedure licensing requirement lichens
life sciences lifestyle light lighting
lignite mining limit value limnology line
liner material lipid lipophilic substance liquefied gas
liquid manure liquid state liquid waste literature
literature data bank literature evaluation literature study lithosphere
litigation littoral livestock breeding livestock farming
living condition living environment living space lizards
load bearing capacity local authority local development local finance
local government policy local heat supply local passenger service local recreation
local traffic location of industries locomotive lodging
Lomé Convention long-distance traffic long-distance transport long-term effect
long-term experiment longitude lorry loss
loudness low flow low-level flight low-level technology
Lower House lower risk species lubricant luminosity
lymphatic system lysimetry machine manufacture machinery
macroeconomic goal macroeconomics macrophyte magnetic tape
magnetism maintenance technical maintenance of environment major risk
major risk installation malfunction mammals man-nature relationship
management management accounting management contract management plan
management technique mandate mangrove manpower
manufacturing activity manufacturing trade manure production map in general
mapping mapping of lichens maquis marble
marginal Land marina marine biology marine ecology
marine engineering marine environment marine fauna marine fishery
marine geology marine mammal marine monitoring marine organism
marine park marine pollution marine reserve marital status
maritime navigation marker market market form
market gardening market price market research market study
marketing Marpol agreement swamp marsh
marshland marsupials masonry mass media
mass recreation mass separation mass transport material life cycle
material testing materials science materials strength materials technology
mathematical analysis mathematical method maximum admissible concentration maximum immission concentration
mayor meadow means of communication measures
measuring measuring apparatus measuring instrument measuring method
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