capital formation capital gains capital invested capital levies
capital losses capital shares capital taxes capital transfer
captive insurance corporations cash basis catastrophic losses central government
certificates of deposit chain indices changes changes in inventories
changes of ownership charities claims debts liabilities claims non-life insurance
COICOP classification of industries COFOG closing balance sheet
co-operatives coding coins coins in circulation
collective consumption expenditure commissions communal construction companies
comparisons compensation of employees compilation concepts
consolidation constant prices construction construction projects
consulates consumer credits consumer durables consumers associations
contingent assets convertible debentures corporation c i f
counterpart counterpart liability country coverage
criteria of convergence convergence criteria cultivated assets currency
currency and deposits currency swaps current accounts current external balance
current international cooperation current prices current transactions current transfers
customs frontier dams data bases death duties
debt debt assumption debt forgiveness debt cancellation
definition delimitation deliveries deposits
depreciation direct purchases abroad direct taxes disappearance of assets
discount distribution costs distributive transactions dividend shares
domestic output durable goods dwellings economic activities
economic agents economic appearance economic assets economic benefits
economic disappearance economic flow economic territory economically significant prices
economy ECUs official education embassies
employees employees social contributions employers direct benefits employers social contributions
employment enclaves entrepreneurial income account entrepreneurial income
establishment trade estimated value European Communities European Monetary System
exchange rates excise duties existing goods exports and imports
exports of goods exports of services external accounts external transactions
extra-territorial enclaves f o b value face value factor cost
farms features final consumption expenditure financial account
financial assets financial assets liabilities financial auxiliaries financial balance sheets
financial claims financial corporations financial derivatives financial intermediaries
financial intermediation services FISIM financial leasing financial liabilities
financial transactions financial vehicle corporations fines and penalties finished goods
fiscal monopolies fish stocks fixed assets flows and stocks
fluctuations foreign currencies foreseeable obsolescence forests
free zones full-time equivalence general price level general sales taxes
geographic territory geometric depreciation gifts goods
goods for resale goods in inventories government trading organisations gross capital formation
GDPmp GDPR GNDI growing crops
guarantees of payment hedging instruments hire-purchase historic cost
historic monuments holding gains losses homogeneous branches homogeneous production
hours worked households illegal economic activities immovable assets
implicit taxes import duties import subsidies imports of goods
imports of services imputed social contributions income in kind incorporated partnerships
independent legal entities index-linked securities indexes individual consumption expenditure
industries inflation inheritance taxes input output
input-output analysis input-output framework IOTs input-output tables
instalment loans institutional resident units institutional sectors institutional units
insurance auxiliaries insurance policies insurance technical reserves intangible fixed assets
intangible non-produced assets integrated economic accounts TARIC interest
interest-rate swaps interest rate swaps interest rates international trade
international water s intra-EU extra-EU trade intra-unit transactions inventories
investment grants investment income investment portfolios investment trust
investment company issue value jobs activities
labour input lakes land under cultivation learned societies
legacies Leontief inverse letter of credit licences
limited-liability companies line of credit linear depreciation liquidation value
liquidity loans local kind-of-activity units long-term loans
lotteries and gambling machinery and equipment maintenance and repair major improvements
manufactured products margin payments market output market price
market products materials and supplies means of payment medical services
memorandum items memo items trade merchanting
metallic mineral reserves migrants mineral exploration miscellaneous current transfers
mixed income monetary aggregates monetary authorities monetary compensatory amounts
monetary financial institutions monetary gold SDRs monetary transactions
monetary units money lenders money-purchase pension schemes monopolies
mortgage loans mortgages multi-regional units multiple exchange rates
mutual funds mutual funds shares national accounts macroeconomic accounts
national air-space national disposable income national economy national wealth
national worth natural assets natural non-renewable resources negotiable savings certificates
net borrowing net financial assets NNDI net national income
net premiums net worth netting neutral holding losses
nominal fees nominal value non-cultivated biological resources non-durable goods
non-financial non-produced assets non-financial produced assets non-life insurance non-life insurance claims
non-life insurance services non-market services non-metallic mineral reserves non-monetary gold swaps
non-negotiable loans non-negotiable securities non-produced assets NPIs
non-profit institutions NPISH non-resident units non-residential buildings
non-residents note issuance facility notes notes in circulation
notional resident units obsolescence OJEC oil rigs
opening balance sheet operating costs operating surplus options
other capital transfers other current taxes other current transfers other deposits
other equity other households other natural assets other non-market output
non-market output other non-market producers other structures other valuables
other volume changes out-workers output own-account construction
own final consumption ownership transfer paid domestic staff parallel markets
partitioning partnerships payments of compensation pension funds
pension schemes permits and licences perpetual bonds perpetual inventory method
personal services physical deterioration political parties pollution
population fore-gift premium foregift
price discrimination prices primary income principal activity
private-funded social benefits privately-issued bonds produced assets producer units
producers production activity production boundary production costs
productive activities products properties property income
provision public administration services public financial auxiliaries public non-financial corporations
purchased goodwill purchasers price purchasing power purity
quality differences quarterly accounts quasi-corporation quoted shares
rebasing recipients of pensions recurrent losses redeemed shares
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