aftermarket buoyancy abbreviated injury scale Banking
blocking carburettor carburetor disc brakes
disc-brakes disc brake line offset
oversteer component CAFE firm
fixture refit trim level lower
reduce abacus succeed abrasive
grit absolute soak up emphasize
acceptable accessory implement trim
have an access accelerator speed up access
carry out perform couple hang
hook fasten on to cling sth to increase
accumulate acid steel stainless steel
cast steel high speed steel steelworks acoustic
activate actuate addition add up
adherence adhesion bond adhere
adhesive inlet intake induction
air intake ventilator ventilate aerodynamic
streamlined yield yielding display
display refining refine sharpener
diary agglomerate briquette conglomerate
staple stapler enlarge extend
make larger enlarging expansion extending
cling assist help needle
pointer sharpen wing radiator core
magnet magnetize so-called adjustable
assembly transit fit clearance fit interference fit
adjust fitter spirit bush
mounting bearing boring hole
bore reamer aligment align
supply feed automatic feeder overrun
elongation extension lengthening stretch
lengthen stretch out ignition system ignition
gas-lighter fire switch on igniting device
make sth heavy weight down dynamo Alternator
alternating make sth thinner priming primer
absorb deaden decay damping
damper spring detachable interchangeable ampere
ammeter amplifier amplify amplitude
range bulb analysis value analysis
stress analysis angle right angle angular
bony ring rubber ring clamping sleeve
clip tension clamp herald
yearbook directory cancel anode
anodizing aerial demister shockproof
non-skid antifreeze rust preventive anti-theft device
overview flatten make sth flat appliance
heater applicable apprenticeship appreciation
come close relevant to supply with stay
press lean against lean on prop up against
shaft camshaft jackshaft drive pinion shaft
drive shaft propshaft countershaft counter shaft
arc-boutant buttress framework cupboard
pull away tear out stop retainer
backward behind rear round
connection joint link articulate
craftman look suction assembling
assemble put together sizeable seat
asertain ensure ensure that make sure that
polish crafty shopfloor workshop
garage tools room spray fastener
linkage fastening hitch attenuate
catch below beneath above
on top of audible enhance self aligning
self-adhesive self-tapper coach sticker
automaton programmable logic controller around advance
front advantage spin-offs horn
lag behind be prone to axle clevis pins
rotary axis X-axis Y-axis centre
parallel jerk race ring glue
stick cement portable lamp broom
brush balance rock sweep
test bed test-bed test bench test rig
rickety wobbly bandage tape
splashing sprocket cylinder barometer
tie rod dowmarket rocking feedstock
base data base basin beat
battery accumulator burr canvas cover
slapdash work skip cradle concrete
concrete mixer oil drum connecting rod crank arm
push rod throttle pitman ball
twin-engine two-phase current bevel blueprint
green overall slab cylinder block
notepad writing pad control unit engine block
lock restraint get jammed winding
spool coil tool box paintbox
cabinet bowl water trap vibrant bowl
poppet sharp edge outer edge terminal
boriding compress bump emboss
vent block up choke up clog up
fill up replenish fill stop up
choking clogging plug servo loop control
spark plug glow plug screw bolt
spreader bolt bolt down bead compass
bellpush thumbwheel switch shaft ends connection
connect prime brazing do-it-yourself
odd jobs do odd jobs fiddle patchup
do-it-yourself enthusiast handyman hanger strap
bright glossy sleek break
crush smash broaching spindle
scrub brush wheelbarrow interference scribbling pad
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