engine exhaust system impingement tailpipe exhaust pipe
cowling tachometer empennage empannage
amplifier position error electrical load analysis feeders
feeder fuse starter motor taxi light
mooring light riding light anchor light anti-collision light
crash launch boat raft pneumatic life boat hydraulic system
mean aerodynamic chord fuel grade magnetic heading normal operating range
turbulent air rough air aspect ratio profile
multiplane structural operating limitations high lift device span
trim tab trimming tab trimtab controllable trim tab
stabiliser stabiliser hinge moment pitch control elevator control
aileron control ground gust level landing tail-down landing
pre-rotation prerotation cantilever wing loop
stall turn chandelle climbing chandelle dive out flick roll
barrel roll tail slide flight hours landing position
elevated heliport NPD data noise-power-distance data dry-leased aircraft
Alternate aerodrome air traffic engine inoperative tuck under
limiting mass values automatic direction finder spiral dive ADF system
check-in airbrake air brake aerofoil
maximum permissible speed unstick technical order aerotow
differential pressure engine cooling engine cowling engine cowl
essential distribution busses feathered fire detector flight loads
low pitch fore and aft free air ambient air
free dropping free-falling tests fuel injection mixture setting
gravity feed ground loads horn balance indicated altitude
induction air heater inertia loads ground loads pitch attitude
unaccelerated flight steady flight nose wheel oil feed lines
override overvoltage parallax control pedestal
pneumatic de-icing shoe porpoising hunting power-
power-assisted servo- booster- power-off
deadstick pressure refuelling quarter-chord point rated powers
reverse current relay battery cut-out rigidity shock absorber
rudder controls rudder control sideslipping downwash
slipstream backwash static test spin recovery
static directional stability stressed skin high altitude engine tail gear
taper ratio torque limiter turbofan engine ducted fan engine
V-tail zero thrust power antiskid system auto-feathering
bladder tank bounced landing canard foil system factor
clearance passenger compartment span gauge
CPMP accomplish legal acts affect the rights affixing the sign
appeals applicable law applicant trade mark application
auditing of accounts badges Boards of Appeal budget committee
business papers cancellation divisions capacity to act certified copy
civil liability claiming the seniority client Community trade mark
control of legality courts and authorities creation and powers cumulation
customary dispute earlier right earlier trade mark
employees of firms entitled entry into force escutcheons
examiner exclusion and objection extent of jurisdiction fees regulations
fees figurative mark device mark filing of applications
financial provisions further appeal general provisions grant an exemption
grounds for invalidity grounds for revocation hearing the parties hearing witnesses
honest practices implementation of procedures Implementing Regulation interlocutory revision
international jurisdiction language of proceedings late payment Levied in execution
responsibility liability licensee licensee make contracts
national court national filing nationality requirement opposition divisions
priority presumption of validity protective measure reasonable compensation
registration procedure Regulation on fees representation request for conversion
restitutio in integrum right of priority rights in rem rules of procedure
sanctions search report search successor
surrender taking of evidence transitional provision universal succession
word mark amendment appointment appeal
be authentic proceedings for infringement block certification vote
Community collective marks covered enforcement file an application
forward the application give as security implement the budget invoke the rights
to be a national national law place of business process
professional representatives prove in pursuance of pursuant to
under by virtue of registered registered subsidy
be surrendered unlawful act withdrawn echogenic contrast-improving system
ecotoxicity EEA Joint Committee admissibility antigenicity
bone maturation bone age ETOMEP chronological age
effects file gestational age height
first-line opinion paragraph grounds for referral
guidelines in consultation registration system adsorbed hepatitis B vaccine herbal remedies
statement variation assessment report active substance pharmacologically active substance
active ingredient application application assay test
analysis disposable undesirable effects adverse effects
oral explanations innovative medicinal products safety survey
topical use special warning IRMS catch-down growth
auditing audit prohibition MRLs
maximum residue limits letter of undertaking life science endpoint
Environment Action Plan related cases Community subsidy Estimated Budget
Applicator Barrel blister bottle
brush brush applicator Cannula cartridge
child resistant closure dabbing applicator Dredging applicator Dropper applicator
Gas cylinder injection needle Injection syringe Measuring spoon
Metering pump Metering valve Needle applicator Nosepiece
Nozzle Pipette Pre-filled syringe Pressurised container
Sachet Screw cap Single-dose container Spatula
Spray pump Spray valve Stopper Strip
Tablet container Tube Vial auricular use
cutaneous use Dental use Endocervical use Endosinusial use
Endotracheopulmonary use Epidural use Extra-amniotic use Gastroenteral use
Gingival use Hemodialysis Intraamniotic use Intraarticular use
Intrabursal use Intracardiac use Intracavernous use Intracervical use
Intracoronary use Intradermal use Intradiscal use intralesional use
Intralymphatic use Intramuscular use Intraocular use Intraperitoneal use
Intrapleural use Intrasternal use Intrathecal use Intrauterine use
Intravenous use Intravesical use Nasal use Ocular use
Oral use Oromucosal use Periarticular use Perineural use
Rectal use Respiratory use Subconjunctival use Subcutaneous use
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