heavy-duty scrape scratch eraser
scraper etch shot blasting crackling
crackle grid grating binding
sticking seize up bulk coarse
batch group crane lumpy
guiding guide handbook inverted commas
quotations marks chop up hatching liability
harness loud speaker height shaft height
overall height labour time hexagonal bar approve
out of order shield window damp dampen
hydraulic illustrate fit in overlap
motionless flawed establish plant
implementation print impulse unalterable
non-removable angularity pitch tilt
tilting inclusion inconel puncture-proof
increment hint clue pinpoint
stator industrialize timber industry inertia
soak in flammable infrared crease-resistant
contrive engineering engineer non-inflammable
inject rustproof stainless insulate
unsteady facility fixture part fix up
insert install put in intensity
intersection inner phase in everlasting
hard-wearing unusable discover inversely
reverse current invert order unworkable isolating
soundproof strain gauge jerrycan water-jet
sandblast disposable throw away token
socket set gasket ball-and-socket joint sealing
seal gasket joint junction size up
shackle Just-in-Time just in time ditch
drop a hint keep sth going drop brass
blade cutter steel blade lamination
laminate rolled rolling mill blowlamp
blowtorch tongue width ballast
lever squeeze lever lightness bundle
free bound bounded up with broken line
solid line split line dotted line endurance limit
yield strength materials testing yield point torque limiting clutch
bounded linear straightness ingot
liquid smooth list quote
deliver compartment length latch
ladle magnifying glass heaviness lubricant
lubrication lubricate headlight goggles
machine-tool calculating machine typewriter fatigue machine
boring machine mesh link manpower
sustain capital letter handle adaptor
pipe fitting coupling skid end handiness easy to handle
loading manipulator manipulation manipulate operate to apparatus
speed brace manometer shortage mock-up
reverse brand mark registered trademark
marquer power hammer pneumatic-drill pad pressure casting
ground linear density riser gravity casting solid
spackle putty mastic mat t
materials composites materials hardware plastics
raw materials matrix coining shoddy
hook knotter limb joinery woodwork
joiner message measure set up
square advance the ignition put into practice lump
set fire on open the throttle grinder grinding wheel
roll grinder applied mechanics machinery mechanism
mechanic blend reminder buffer
metal babbitt white metal metallizing
powder metallurgy finite-element method finite element method hit-and-miss technique
wick tape measure micrometer middle in the
slight small letter mirror starting up
easy-to-fit moving body mode modelling
state-of-the-art up-to-date modernize modelling
pattern modify modulus of elasticity modulate
minus sign moulder away half knurling
serrated roller wheel moment torque moment of inertia
mounting roller coaster stay goods lift
holder piece divide up slotting
motor-driven pump wetting castability casting
moulding injection moulding mold die casting hot
permanent mould chilly means multimeter multinational
multiply wall clear clearness
dust nickel-plate honeycomb nitriding
level spirit level node preferred numbers
parts list pencil in knotter core
sand-core glass-core nylon lens
valuable part oblique oblong get done
cope with deal with hold eyes
wave ripple opaque pilot
operator option computer waste material
direct orient original swinging
dare side mill cutting tool end mill
equip fit out workshop supply with tools opening
tin-opener workman open burst open
ovalisation out of round oxalatizing oxidize
become oxidized take away speck paddle
pallet bearing con rod bearing crankshaft finger sth
failure panel tracing paper rough paper
scrap paper tinfoil wrapping paper sandpaper
emeri paper compared with compared to alignment
parallelogram bumper spark arrester flawless
wall pitch thread pass sieve
shoe slip clutch spin wheel comb
painter paint spray paint water paint
oil paint peel shovel scoop
mechanical shovel lean steep perfect
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