defrosting deglazing demisting De Nox
derivative departure angle design rim width detachable head restraint
detachable superstructure deterioration factor determination detonation
detonation sensor diagonally-split braking circuit diagonal strap die casting
differential lock differential interlock direct extrusion direct injection
direct fuel injection direct-injection diesel engine direct-injection two-stroke engine direction indicator lamp
direction of traffic direction of travel direction sign directly controlled wheel
discharge valve disconnect to disconnectable fan disc wheel
disengage to diesel engines distributor pump dive
diversion road construction divided wheel dogs
in a gearbox door hinge door retention components sill
door sill doughnut joint downgraded downhill behaviour test
downpipe of exhaust downshift drain asphalt drawbar
drawbar coupling drawbar eye drawbar pull drawing vehicle
drilling machining drive to drive axle
drive-by-wire drive ratio driver compartment driver s cab
driveshaft driving aids driving-beam headlamp driving instructor
driving power drop-centre rim drop forging dropped frame
drum method dry bulb thermometer dual carriageway road
dual-mounted tyres dual-phase steel sheet dual spacing dual wheel
ducting duplication dust-protection cover ignition distribution
dynamic rolling radius earth-moving equipment earthing strap earth strap
econometer edge of a vehicle edge effect effective belt anchorage
effective engine capacity EGR pump electrical connections electrically controlled valve
electromagnetic interference ABS injection electronic ignition elongation of a material
elongation at rupture embossed marking emergency braking emergency exit
emergency lane emergency locking retractor safety belt emergency master switch
emissions encapsulating noise insulation enclosed brakes
enclosed button end stop endurance braking endurance brake
endurance-braking system energize to energy-absorbing material energy-absorbing part
energy absorption energy-storage reservoir engage to engaged
engine braking engine cranking engine-management system entrance angle
illuminating device escape hatch public service vehicle escape lane
road construction estate car fuel ethanol ethanol fuel
excess-flow valve heat exchanger exhaust back-pressure exhaust-driven turbocharger
exhaust emissions exhaust outlet exhaust port exhaust retarder
exhaust silencer expansion chamber extension of approval external projection
extra-heavy-duty vehicle extreme outer edge extrusion fabricated part
face form facing fading fade
failing vehicle fail-safe mode fail-safe system fail-soft system
fanned out cable fatigue of a material Federal Test Procedure feed line
feed-rack femur injury criterion fibre-reinforced metal fiducial mark
fifth wheel filament bulb filler neck filling port
filling unit final drive set pinion set final drive
finger follower fire-resistant firing sequence firing order
first-aid kit first gear five-link suspension fixed barrier
fixed caliper fixed-load curve flame-retardant flasher unit
flashing flashpoint flexible-fuel vehicle float
floating caliper float needle floor of a vehicle flotation tyre
flow-control valve flow-meter fluid coupling flush
mechanical parts to fit flush flywheel hybrid vehicle fog lamp
foil metal foil foldable spare wheel folding seat
on public-service vehicles foot controls footspace forced cooling
force deflection curve forestry tractor forward-control vehicle forward-facing seat
forward movement fouling four-stroke engine four-wheel-steering
four wheel steering four-wheel-steering vehicle free-motion headform fretting corrosion
frictional losses friction brake friction material frontal area
frontal impact front box front bulkhead front end
front-end collision front incidence angle fuel-air ratio fuel blend
fuel-feed system fuel gauge fuel sprayback full cycling
full-flow dilution full-load curve full lock full-powered brakes
full-powered steering full-stroke full throttle full trailer
fuse box fused circuit gaiter gangway
gas condensate gas-filled lamp gasoline oxygenate blends gas spring
gas-tight housing gauge length gear shift gearshift
gear change gear drive geared mechanism car engine
generator give-way sign glass-reinforced plastic s GRP e g of a cylinder wall
glaze breaking glazing gooseneck of a semi-trailer governed no-load speed
grade of a material grade of oil gradient road construction
grip gross calorific value gross combination weight gross power
guardrail gudgeon pin pillar buckle pillar loop
pulley halogen filament bulb HSB unit halogen sealed-beam unit
hand-hold handlebar handling hand-rail
hard shoulder hard tow hatch haulier
road transport hazard warning lights hazard warning signal hazard warning lamps
header headform head gasket head impact
head-impact zone head-injury criterion headlamp cleaner head-on collision
heater valve heat-exchange medium LPG fuel system heat soak
heavy engine-load condition height-levelling system of a vehicle high-compression engine
high-decker higher alcohols high-geared vehicle high gearing
high idle speed high load condition of an engine high-speed camera
HSLA steel sheet high-tensile steel high-torque service tyre honeycomb material
honing hood horizontal marking hot-start phase
hub-reduction gear hump hybrid drive hydraulic ram
hydraulic tappet hydrocarbon emissions HC emissions hydrodynamic converter
hydrostatic transmission hysteresis icing up identification marks
idler pulley ignition advance ignition distributor ignition timing
timing curve illuminating surface illumination impact
impact extrusion impactor impact shield impact zone
implement tyre inboard-position seat inboard position increased installation height
indirect extrusion indirectly controlled wheel individual seat industrial vehicle
inertia device inertia simulator infant carrier informative signalling
in-gear acceleration injection advance injection piping injection prechamber
injection-pump rack injury criterion inlet manifold inlet silencer
in-motion test inoperable input-speed output-speed ratio input torque
in running trim in running order insertion force inset wheel
inspection of vehicles instrumentation instrumented dummy insulated
integral helmet integral peak helmet integral structure integral test
integral impact test integrity interchange interference suppression
interior fittings interlayer in international traffic intrude
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