Transdermal use Urethral use Vaginal use Oral drops solution
Oral drops suspension Oral drops emulsion oral solution Oral suspension
Oral emulsion syrup Powder for syrup Granules for syrup
Soluble tablet Dispersible tablet Herbal tea Oral gel
Oral powder Effervescent powder Granules Effervescent granules
Gastro-resistant granules Prolonged release granules cachet Modified release capsule
Tablet Tablet Coated tablet Film-coated tablet
Film coated tablet Effervescent tablet Oral lyophilisate Gastro-resistant tablet
Prolonged release tablet Modified release tablet chewable tablet Gargle
Oromucosal solution Oromucosal suspension Oromucosal drops Oromucosal spray
Mouth wash Gingival solution Oromucosal gel Oromucosal paste
Medicated chewing-gum Gingival gel Gingival paste soft oromucosal capsule
sublingual tablet Muco-adhesive buccal tablet compressed lozenge Lozenge
dental gel Dental stick dental powder dental solution
Dental suspension dental emulsion Toothpaste bath additive
cream Ointment cutaneous paste cutaneous foam
Shampoo Cutaneous spray solution Cutaneous spray suspension Cutaneous spray powder
Cutaneous solution Cutaneous suspension Cutaneous emulsion cutaneous powder
Solution for iontophoresis Collodion Poultice cutaneous stick
Impregnated dressing Eye cream Eye gel Eye ointment
Eye drops solution Eye drops suspension Eye lotion Ophthalmic insert
Ear cream Ear gel Ear ointment Ear drops solution
Ear drops suspension Ear drops emulsion Ear powder Ear spray solution
Ear spray suspension Ear spray emulsion Ear wash solution Ear wash emulsion
Ear tampon Ear stick Nasal cream Nasal gel
Nasal ointment Nasal drops solution Nasal drops suspension Nasal drops emulsion
Nasal powder Nasal spray solution Nasal spray suspension Nasal spray emulsion
Nasal wash Nasal stick Vaginal cream Vaginal gel
Vaginal ointment Vaginal foam Vaginal solution Vaginal suspension
Vaginal emulsion Pessary Pessary Vaginal capsule hard
Vaginal capsule soft Vaginal tablet Effervescent vaginal tablet Vaginal tampon
Vaginal device Rectal cream Rectal gel Rectal ointment
Rectal foam Rectal solution Rectal suspension Rectal emulsion
Suppository Rectal capsule soft Rectal tampon Inhalation solution
Inhalation suspension Inhalation emulsion Pressurised inhalation solution Pressurised inhalation suspension
Pressurised inhalation emulsion Inhalation powder Inhalation powder pre-dispensed Inhalation vapour solution
Inhalation vapour tablet Inhalation vapour ointment Inhalation vapour liquid Inhalation gas
Solution for injection Suspension for injection Emulsion for injection Solution for infusion
Emulsion for infusion Implant Implantation tablet Implantation chain
Solution for haemofiltration Solution for haemodialysis bladder irrigation Urethral gel
Urethral stick Endotracheopulmonary instillation solution Endotracheopulmonary instillation suspension Endocervical gel
Wound stick Radiopharmaceutical precursor Radionuclide generator Gastroenteral solution
Gastroenteral suspension Gastroenteral emulsion Irrigation solution Stomach irrigation
Sealant application number file number registration number
industry fenamate group derivates aminoglycosides macrolides
supervisory Directorate-General specificity selectivity linear range
limit of quantification sensitivity relative standard deviation repeatability
reproducibility analytical method test procedure result of determination
conventional true value precision Abortion rate Abortion ratio
Abscissa Absolute risk Bayes theorem Acceptable risk
Acquaintance network actuarial method actuarial rate actuarial table
acute Adaptation Additive model adjustment
Aetiology Aetiologic Age at death Age effect
Age standardization Age-period cohort analysis Age-sex pyramid Age-sex register
Age-specific fertility rate Age-specific rate agent Alcohol consumption
allele Alpha error Alpha level ANOVA
analysis of variance Analytic epidemiology Analytic study Animal model
drug antagonism antagonism Antecedent variable Anthropometry
Anthropophilic Antigenic drift Antigenic shift Area sampling
Arithmetic mean Ascertainment Ascertainment bias Asymmetrical association
Direct association indirect causal association Spurious association Symmetrical association
Assortative mating Assumption Asymptotic Asymptotic method
attack rate attributable fraction attributable number attributable risk
attributable risk percent audit autopsy data average life expectancy
axis bar diagram behavioural epidemic behavioural risk factor
benefit-cost ratio Berkson s bias Bernoulli distribution Beta error
bias bias in publication Information bias bias of interpretation
Lead time bias Design bias Detection bias bias in assumption
Interviewer bias Length bias Measurement bias Non-participation bias
Observer bias Recall bias Reporting bias Response bias
Sampling bias Selection bias bimodal distribution binary variable
bioassay biological transmission biometry birth certificate
birth cohort birth cohort analysis birth defects birth interval
birth order birth rate birth weight Blind experiment
blinded study blind study blocked randomization breakpoint
caliper matching Cancer registry case case compeer study
case comparison study case history study case referent study case-base study
cause-specific rate catchment area causality cause-deleted life table
causes of death Censored data Censoring census
census tract cessation experiment check digit checking of data
chemotherapy Chi-square distribution chi-square test child death rate
chromosomal anomaly chronic Class class social
classification of diseases clinical epidemiologist closed cohort closed question
cluster cluster analysis cluster sampling clustering
coding coherence cohort analysis cohort effect
cohort incidence cohort slopes cointervention cold chain
collectively exhaustive classes collinearity colonization common source epidemic
common vehicle spread communicable period community community diagnosis
Community health Community medicine Community trial comparison group
competing cause competing risk Completed fertility rate Completion rate
Compliance composite index computer concordance
concordant Concurrent study conditional probability confidentiality
confounding Joint confounding Consanguinity consistency
contact Direct contact indirect contact Primary contact
Secondary contact contagion contagious containment
Contingency table continuing source outbreak continuing source epidemic continuous data
continuous variable control control of confounding Hospital controls
Matched controls Neighborhood controls Sibling controls coordinates
cordon sanitaire correlation coefficient Nonsense correlation cost-benefit analysis
cost-effectiveness analysis cost-utility analysis covariance covariate
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