vertical amalgamation pecuniary gain pecuniary benefit warranty of habitability
warranty of fitness managerial agent court office real authority
actual authority inferred authority implied authority heritable
heir by custom customary heir heir by blood blood heir
heir collateral collateral heir lawful heir heir-at-law heir-at-law
approval probate per testes solemn form probate formal probate
living probate ante-mortem probate common form probate principal probate
primary probate poundage poundage fee factorage
ship mortgage ship s mortgage mortgage of ship mortgage of goods
complete immunity absolute immunity vicarious immunity ancillary privilege
impracticability impracticability mental incompetency mental incapacity unassignability
non-assignability non-assignability unassignable non-assignable incrimination
inculpation crimination spark of evidence scintilla of evidence
infeudation rational inference logical inference perpetual injunction
permanent injunction quia timet injunction preventive injunction enrol
true innuendo legal innuendo instrument of transfer instrument conveying land
bodily interests bodily security physical interest bodily integrity
wrongful intent culpable intent testamentary intent testamentary intention
animus testandi constructive intention constructive intent donative intent
interest in common joint interest dower-interest interest in dower
dower interest interest in fee fee interest fee simple interest
legal future interest several interest interest in severalty maritime interest
marine interest non-freehold interest pecuniary interest economic interest
terminable interest determinable interest interest upon condition interest on condition
interest in personalty heritable interest descendible interest successive interests
interests in succession lodge launch examination in discovery
examination on discovery examination for discovery intervenor intruder
trespass quare clausum tacit invitation implied invitation social guest
licensee by invitation irreplevisable irrepleviable net registered tonnage
radio log book probate judge surrogate court judge judge of probate
judgment in personam in personam judgment judgment in rem in rem judgment
lagon ligan lagan contingent devisee
substituted legatee substituted devisee universal legatee universal devisee
alternative bequest beneficial gift beneficial legacy beneficial devise
cumulative gift cumulative legacy cumulative bequest pecuniary legacy
vested devise vested bequest residuary devise residuary gift
residuary legacy universal legacy residuary bequest contingent devise
contingent bequest general gift class bequest bequest to a class
devise over bequest over substituted gift substituted legacy
substituted bequest physical injury somatic injury ancillary letters
ancillary grant grant caeterorum caeterorum grant grant ad litem
grant ad colligendum grant pendente absentia grant durante absentia grant durante dementia
letters of verification letters probate ancillary letters probate ancillary probate
general probate limited probate local probate domestic probate
pierce defamatory libel release of collateral redemption of collateral
freedom to contract liberty of contracting freedom of contract kinship
family relationship line of ascent ascending line indirect line
oblique line transverse line collateral line load waterline
load-line load line subdivision load line line of demarcation
deck-line division line line of division dividing line
descending line lineal line right line direct line
lineage conventional line conventional boundary property line
property limit physical limit physical boundary liquidate
jury-list jury list shareholder list list of shareholders
late delivery delayed delivery log-book logbook
log book official log-book official log book yearly tenant
monthly tenant mesne landlord intermediate landlord head landlord
chief landlord weekly tenancy yearly tenancy month-to-month tenancy
monthly tenancy six-monthly tenancy half-yearly tenancy three-monthly tenancy
quarterly tenancy licensing statute licensing law race-notice statute
notice-race statute recordation statute recording act recording law
recording statute recordation legislation title registration statute laws of Wisbey
laws of Wisby laws of Visby rules of Oléron laws of Oléron
long user long use hiring dead-rent
fixed rent dead rent head rent warrant of arrest
warrant of distress distress warrant remunerated agency agency for reward
remunerated agent paid agent ascertained goods unascertained goods
generic goods perished goods future goods mariner
mercantile marine implements of husbandry farm implements mala fides
bad faith medical examiner examining medical practitioner intermingling
intermixture mingling commingling appellant s submission
appellant s factum special case written memorandum memorandum in writing
redress nautical mile sea mile marine mile
reserved price upset price reserve price caveat release
caveat against release caveat warrant caveat against arrest mode of acceptance
method of acceptance method of proof manner of proof method of service
manner of service amount of damages reasonable ground probable cause
motion for a non-suit ground of defence means of proof for value
for valuable consideration municipality municipal corporation division wall
separating wall dividing wall character of locale navigation
motorship cargo vessel cargo ship warship
war ship liner overtaking vessel overtaking ship
overtaken vessel overtaken ship foreign vessel foreign ship
sea-going ship seagoing ship registered vessel registered ship
salved vessel salved ship salving vessel salving ship
crossing vessel crossing ship training ship neglect of duty
negligent act act of negligence collateral negligence casual negligence
non-object unimpeachable of waste unimpeachable for waste unseverable
non-severable non-suit nonsuit no-case
non-occupier irrelevance irrelevancy impertinence
standard of conduct standard of duty berthnote booking note
berth note search work notes search notes nude executor
bare executor official number designating number ornemental fixture
domestic fixture absolute obligation legal duty legal obligation
civil obligation contractual obligation contractual duty affirmative obligation
moral obligation moral duty general occupant common occupant
abutting occupier adjoining occupier occupation adverse occupation
adverse occupancy general occupancy common occupancy overhold
negligent omission negligent default transaction of bottomry bottomry transaction
salving operation salvage operation statement of opinion non-expert opinion
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