lay opinion opinion on title title opinion opinion of title
option inter vivos inter vivos option order to attend order for appearance
mandatory order corporation finance corporate finance original original
hearsay upon hearsay hearsay within hearsay totem pole hearsay documentary hearsay
non-verbal hearsay conduct hearsay negligent words apportionment of liability
shared responsibility apportionment of fault judicial partition limited common area
defaulting party party in breach contract-breaker contract-breaker limited common elements
limited common property patrimony national flag ensign
sea peril permit contractual license contractual licence
license by estoppel license real real licence real license
licence real ordinary prudent man ordinary prudent person mentally incompetent person
mental incompetent quasi-corporation prudent person prudent man
reasonably prudent person reasonably prudent man commercial loss business loss
loss of amenity loss of amenities financial loss economic loss
tangible loss material loss non-material loss intangible loss
pure financial loss purely pecuniary loss pure economic loss relevance
relevancy pertinence legal relevancy legal relevance
logical relevancy logical relevance petty serjeanty petit serjeanty
not guilty plea survey plan plan of survey subdivision plan
plan of subdivision place of beginning place of commencement point of beginning
point of commencement starting point beginning point matter in issue
question in controversy ultimate issue issue in dispute tallyman
checker tonnage-deck tonnage deck port of redelivery
dead weight tonnage dead-weight capacity deadweight carrying capacity dead-weight carrying capacity
dead-weight tonnage deadweight tonnage dead weight capacity weight all told
cargo deadweight deadweight cargo capacity dead-weight cargo capacity net capacity
useful deadweight cargo carrying capacity possessor bona fide bona fide possessor
possessor mala fide possessor malae fidei peaceful possession quiet possession
peaceable possession constructive possession possibility on a possibility possibility upon a possibility
double possibility legitimate issue lawful issue suit of bottomry
bottomry suit joint power non-exclusive power consent power
discretionary authority discretionary jurisdiction discretionary power discretion
distributive power intermediate power hybrid power mixed power
particular power primary power secondary power legal estoppel
preemption preemption financial damage financial harm pecuniary detriment
economic damage actual harm principal part first part
preponderance of probability balance of evidence acquisitive prescription common law prescription
extinctive prescription presumption of fact factual presumption weak presumption
slight presumption strong presumption probable presumption inconclusive presumption
disputable presumption maritime loan bottomry loan loan for use
commodatum proof receivable evidence positive evidence
positive proof affirmative proof probative evidence cogent evidence
corroborative evidence corroborating evidence reputation evidence substitutionary evidence
transmitted evidence unoriginal evidence derivative evidence recorded evidence
written testimony written evidence manufactured evidence fabricated evidence
inferior evidence legal evidence judicial evidence demonstrative evidence
mathematical evidence objective evidence objective fact evidence real evidence
tangible evidence tangible exhibit autoptic evidence new evidence
fresh evidence newly-discovered evidence newly discovered evidence declaratory evidence
moral evidence preconstituted evidence preappointed evidence probable evidence
inferential evidence case in chief mediate testimony satisfactory evidence
substantial evidence sufficient evidence conclusive proof testimonial evidence
marshal in admiralty admiralty marshal dispatch money maritime premium
bottomry premium doctrine of relation principle of indefeasibility indefeasibility principle
egg-shell skull principle egg-shell principle statutory privilege ship-owner s lien
shipowner s lien ship owner s lien seaman s lien mariner s lien
legal lien common law lien specific lien special lien
evidentiary privilege evidential privilege prevailing price current price
proceeding in personam in personam proceeding civil procedure replevin proceedings
profit appendant appendant profit developer proponent proponent
apartment owner contiguous owner dominant proprietor servient proprietor
cargo-owner cargo-owner owner of cargo goods owner tugowner tugowner
fee simple tenant several owner owner in severalty riparian proprietor
riparian owner leasehold property leasehold tenancy leasehold ownership
condominium property condominium ownership tenancy in tail freehold tenancy
general property general ownership several ownership sole ownership
ownership in severalty qualified property qualified ownership enlarge
relationship of proximity relationship of neighbourhood reasonable care ordinary prudence
quay quasi municipal corporation quasi-estoppel quasi estoppel
quasi-seisin quasi seisin quasi-easement quasi easement
quasi-entail quasi entail disputed issue contested issue
material issue controlling issue incriminating question criminating question
refreshing of memory refreshing of recollection present recollection revived confidential relationship
confidential relation fiduciary relation fiduciary relationship fiducial relation
receivability conusor conusee excess of privilege
abuse of privilege replevisable repleviable recoverer
submission of accounts galiage rent galeage rent negative
refute disprove recording system system of recordation
system of recording recordation system deed recordation system deeds registry system
deeds system deed registration system title registration system title system
land title system private conveyancing registered system registered conveyancing
unregistered conveyancing unregistered system register of deeds deeds register
register of titles evidentiary rule posting rule postal acceptance rule
impact theory impact rule regulation canons of inheritance
rules of descent canons of descent reverse split consolidation of shares
relicted land derelict land residue remnant
towing tow line salvage remuneration life salvage reward
barren rent reference apportionment of loss nominal index
unduly prolix answer unduly lengthy answer retaliation retaliatory measures
acts of retaliation public performance performance in public recovery of land
surrenderor surrenderor surrenderer surrenderer rescission of contract termination of contract
determination of contract termination for breach rescission for breach products liability
manufacturer s liability ship-owner s liability shipowner s liability ship owner s liability
individual responsibility liability without fault responsible person in authority
cognizance replevish divest devest
meeting of directors directors meeting ordinary meeting feigned recovery
common recovery claim of privilege claim to privilege claim of lien
risk of loss risk of injury maritime peril maritime risk
sea risk marine peril usual peril common peril
prospective breach promissory breach distraint seisin in deed
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