estate in interest fiduciary position spousal trust public trust
trust for persons resulting trustee automatic resulting trust presumed resulting trust
substantive constructive trust institutional constructive trust non-compensable damage non-compensable injury
abatement of bequest absolute ownership absolutely vested interest abutting parcel
actual malice affidavit evidence allodium ancillary easement
annual general meeting annual meeting apparent heir appeal court
benevolent corporation bodily oath c and f landed careless act
causal sequence charge upon land charitable company chattel interest
civil cause clean title composite facts rule consolidated corporation
corporeal chattel corporeal right co-tortfeasor court of probate
declaration against interest direct connection distrainor doctrine of accretions
doctrine of privity domestic administrator dower consummate due diligence
duty to public easement by necessity easement for light encumbrance on land
entire portion equipment equitable license escrow delivery
evidence of character executory devise express notice false marketing
fault-caused fee tail interest interest in tail entailed interest
fee-farm feoffor financial interest foolhardiness
fore-hand rent forehand rent frankalmoign tenure future right
general power gift mortis causa gift to a class gratuitous deposit
gratuitous license gratuitous licence guest passenger gratuitous passenger
hearsay heir general heir of line inheritable estate
innuendo meaning intentional misconduct interest in realty irrevocable license
irrevocable licence joint administrator joint right journalist s privilege
lease of land land lease law of torts lay opinion evidence
lay opinion testimony lease by sufferance lex mercatoria life estate
mandate merchantable title mixed presumption navis bona
necessary easement negligent intervening force opening statement opinion testimony
ordinary practice original under-lease paper title parcels clause
parcener parol licence participating share personal license
positive law possessory license power of distress precatory expressions
preference share prescriptive easement prevailing party prior inconsistent statement
privilege of non-disclosure privileged material privity of tenure proxy statement
psychic damages psychic loss question in issue quieting title
real chattel release of mortgage removal from office rent-service
representative action revocable license revocable licence right heir
right of alienation right of refusal search of title several tortfeasor
special ownership special power sprinkling trust standard practice
statutory company stock-option plan subsequent buyer substantive right
superior title tenancy by sufferance tenant by sufferance tenant in coparcenary
tenure in burgage term for years thing in possession title chain
title of entry title-deed tort-feasor trait of character
unavoidable necessity unconscionable behaviour undivided ownership unlawful confinement
unpaid vendor s lien voire dire witness fees written statement
abate abator abduction vacancy
abeyance abstract of title acceptor accession
appurtenance outhouse accessory complice
accomplice accretion acknowledge acquittal
act of God in personam action action in personam chose in action
chose in suspense thing in action cause of action personal action
actual notice express knowledge actual knowledge address
removal ademption adjective law adjourn
adjournment decision adjudication letters of administration
administratrix administratress court of admiralty admiralty court
admission adultery advancement opposing party
opposite party adverse party advisor councillor
counsellor expert witness adviser affidavit
affirm affirmation commission merchant commission agent
alibi alienate aliene alien
alienation of affection ancestor common ancestor ancient lights
annuitant answer anticipatory non-perfomance anticipatory repudiation
anticipatory breach heir apparent appear appearance
appellate court appellate jurisdiction appoint appointee
apportion apportionment appraiser apprehend
appropriate appurtenant arbitrator argument
articles of partnership assault assign assignee
associate assure at issue teste
attestation attestation clause attorn auction
auctioneer auditor authenticate avouch
attest authority average adjuster award
depositum bailment bailor depositor
bailer bank-account bank account bankrupt
barrister lawyer solicitor advocate
bearer beneficial interest beneficial use beneficiary
bequeath bequest best evidence rule bidder
bilateral contract bill of health bind bona fide purchaser
bona vacantia mortgage bond bondholder bounce
boundary line bounty branch bridleway
bridle-way horseway bridle-road business hours
buyer bargainee cancellation clause canceling clause
caption private carrier decisional law case law
opponent caveator land certificate certify
certiorari cession chairperson champerty
champarty character floating charge chargee
charging order charity chartering charterparty
charter party chattel mortgage examination in chief direct examination
citation cite claimant class
class gift provision exclusion clause exculpatory clause
exception clause penalty clause close co-heir
co-heiress coparcener fellow-heir joint heir
coheir co-owner co-ownership codicil
collateral collateral issue collateral matter subordinate fact
collateral fact letters patent locatum renting
letting libellous slanderous defamatory
license licence lien maritime lien
admiralty lien mechanic s lien mechanics lien construction lien
limit affirmative misconduct fault by commission malfeasance
misdeed active misconduct malice malicious prosecution
professional negligence malpractice mandamus mandatory injunction
maritime insurance marine insurance marketable title master
material evidence matter of fact question of fact issue of fact
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