Pathogenicity Patient Pedigree Penetrance
Perinatal period Period effect Period of communicability Periodic medical examination
Periodic examination Permissible exposure limit Person-time Person-time at risk
Person-years Personal monitoring device Physician Pie chart
Pilot study Pilot investigation Place of birth Poisson distribution
Pollution Polygenic inheritance Ponderal index Population
Population attributable risk Population based Population excess rate Population medicine
Population momentum Population pyramid Target population Posterior probability
Postmarketing surveillance Postneonatal mortality rate Pragmatic study Precision
Predictive value Pregnancy Premunition Prepatent period
Prevalence ratio Prevalence rate Prevalence study Preventable fraction
Prevented fraction Prevention Preventive trial Primary case
Principal component analysis Prior probability Probability Probability density
Probability distribution Probability sample Probability theory Proband
Problem-oriented medical record POMR Professional activity study Program
PERT Program review Program trial Proportion
Proportional hazards model Proportionate mortality rate Proportionate mortality ratio Propositus
Prospective study Punch card Quality-adjusted life years QALY
Qualitative data Quality control Quality of care Quality of life
Quantiles Quantitative data Quarantine Quasi-experiment
Questionnaire Quetelet s index Quota sampling Quotient
Radix Random Random allocation Range of distribution
Ranking scale Rate difference Relative risk Rate Ratio
Rate-odds ratio Ratio Ratio scale ROC curve
Record linkage Recrudescence Reference population Refinement
Regression regression analysis Regression line Relationship
Relative odds Reliability Repeatability Replacement level fertility
Replication Reproductive isolation Research design Reservoir of infection
Resolution Resolving power Response rate Retrospective study
Risk benefit analysis Risk Risk benefit ratio Risk difference
Risk factor Risk ratio Robust Rubric
Safety factor Safety standards Sample Epsem Sampling error
Sampling variation Sanitary cordon Scale Scatter diagram
Screening level Seasonal variation Secondary attack rate Secular trend
Selection Self-selection Sensitivity and specificity sentinel physician
Sequential analysis Serendipity Seroepidemiology Sex ratio
Sex-specific rate Shoe-leather epidemiology Siblings Sibship
Significance Significant Simpson s paradox Simulation
Situation analysis Skew distribution Slow virus Smoking habits
Social class Social drift Social medicine Socioeconomic classification
Socioeconomic status Soft data Soundex code Source of infection
Spearman s rank correlation Specific measure Specific rate Specification
Specificity of a test Spectrum of disease Spleen rate Spot map
Stable population Standard deviation Standardization Standardized measure
Standardized morbidity ratio Standardized mortality ratio Standardized rate ratio Stationary population
Statistical error Statistical inference Statistical model Statistical test
Statistics Steady state Stereogram Stillbirth
Stillbirth certificate Stillbirth rate Stillborn Stochastic process
Strata Strategy Stratification Stratified randomization
Strength of association Surveillance Surveillance of disease Survey
Survey instrument Survey methods Survival analysis Survival curve
Survival function Survival ratio Survival table Survivorship study
Symbiosis Symmetrical relationship Syndrome Systematic error
Systems analysis t-test Taxonomy of disease Test hypothesis
Test of significance Theoretical epidemiology Therapeutic trial Threshold limit value
Threshold phenomena Time cluster Time-place cluster Total fertility rate
Tracer disease method Transport host Trend Trend line
Twin pairs Twin study Two-tail test Unbiassed estimator
Uncontrolled variable Underestimation Utility Vaccine
validity scientific validity Measurement validity Study validity
Variable control variable Variance Variate
vector Vector space Venn diagram Virgin population
Vital records Vital statistics Withdrawals Withdrawn alive
Worm count Xenodiagnosis Yates correction YPLL
yield Zero-time shift abafungin abanoquil
abciximab abecarnil abiraterone abitesartan
ablukast abunidazole acadesine acamprosate
acaprazine acarbose acebrochol acebutolol
acecainide acecarbromal aceclidine aceclofenac
acedapsone acediasulfone sodium acedoben acefluranol
acefurtiamine acefylline clofibrol acefylline piperazine aceglatone
aceglutamide acemannan acemetacin acenocoumarol
aceperone acepromazine aceprometazine acequinoline
acesulfame acetaminosalol acetarsol acetazolamide
acetergamine acetiamine acetiromate acetohexamide
acetophenazine acetorphine acetryptine aceturate
acetylcholine chloride acetylcysteine acetyldigitoxin acetylleucine
acetylmethadol acevaltrate aciclovir aceburic acid
aceneuramic acid acetohydroxamic acid acexamic acid alendronic acid
amfonelic acid aminocaproic acid arsanilic acid ascorbic acid
aspartic acid azelaic acid bensuldazic acid bromebric acid
broxitalamic acid bucloxic acid butedronic acid canrenoic acid
capobenic acid cicloxilic acid cicrotoic acid cinametic acid
cinepazic acid clamidoxic acid clavulanic acid clodronic acid
clofenamic acid clofibric acid clorindanic acid cromoglicic acid
cyclobutoic acid dehydrocholic acid dimecrotic acid diprogulic acid
edetic acid egtazic acid ellagic acid enfenamic acid
etacrynic acid etidronic acid fenaftic acid fenclozic acid
fepentolic acid flavodic acid flufenamic acid folic acid
foscolic acid fosmenic acid furacrinic acid fusidic acid
fytic acid gadobenic acid gadopentetic acid gadoteric acid
gadoxetic acid gamolenic acid gentisic acid hopantenic acid
hydroxytoluic acid ibandronic acid incadronic acid iobenzamic acid
iobutoic acid iocarmic acid iocetamic acid iodoxamic acid
ioglicic acid ioglycamic acid iolidonic acid iolixanic acid
iomeglamic acid iomorinic acid iopanoic acid iophenoic acid
ioprocemic acid iopronic acid iosefamic acid ioseric acid
iosumetic acid iotalamic acid iotetric acid iotranic acid
iotrizoic acid iotroxic acid ioxabrolic acid ioxaglic acid
ioxitalamic acid ioxotrizoic acid iozomic acid isospaglumic acid
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