numerical control optical character recognition time sharing uninterruptible power system
uninterruptible power supply compression capital adequacy coal liquefaction
commercial park fifth-freedom air carrier epiphytotic disease EDMS
pot vessel lobster pelagic fishing road haulier road haulage operator
pearl sugar over-the-counter instrument Mediterranean non-Community countries Platform Europe
clearing member convertible qualifying issuer convulsive laughing
stimulant substance stimulant tranquilliser clarifier
diethyltryptamine molecular biology dipipanone Indian hemp
self-medication inhibition CDI Bureau meeting AWEPAA Intergroup
Intergroup on Afghanistan Airbus Intergroup Associations Intergroup Intergroup on Chile
Intergroup on Trade Intergroup on Consumers Intergroup on Shipbuilding Intergroup on Cycling
East-West Intergroup Europa-Union Intergroup Intergroup on Football Intergroup on Israel
Intergroup on Mountains Intergroup on Nicaragua Intergroup on Poverty SME Intergroup
Progress Intergroup Animal Welfare Intergroup Atlantic Regions Intergroup Intergroup on Security
Trade Union Intergroup S O S Racisme Intergroup Intergroup on Bullfighting Intergroup on Tourism
International Women s Day Study days Rapporteurs of Committees Protection of Forests
Meeting Urgent Resolutions Meeting Ad-hoc meeting
Chairmen s meeting Vice-Presidents meeting Information meeting extraordinary meeting
joint meeting Preparatory Meeting Seminar Seminar on Africa
Subcommittee on Information Confederation EUCDW - Bureau EUCDW - Political Bureau
EUCDW - Executive Committee Union EUCDW Emigration Committee
Manifesto Committee Visitors CDWI - Congress Group Meeting
EUCDW - International policy Netherlands Parliament Biomolecular Engineering Programme COMITEX
SIURE papers for meetings ETUCO ORNIS
Ornis Committee Secretary-General LISO CSCW
Eurofer European Nervous System TREVI CIMA
IRELA Consultation Committee CENELEC European Housing Conference
CTWUEC SCRS Euroconference Computer Centre
CCMC Joint European Project EURADA Publications Coordination Committee
Consultative Publications Committee Kaleidoscope Scheme Kaleidoscope programme NORSAP
inadmissibility of a matter personal statement procedural motion vote of confidence
dispute on voting roll-call vote incompatible office incompatibility
negotiating mandate mandate draft annual accounts unfinished business
observer draft legislative resolution fall simplified procedure
call to order waiver of immunity oldest Member AECMA
CODEST technical adviser Colloquium on Advertising EPP Women s Congress
North Sea Intergroup documentation management maintenance of records document management
Legal Advisory Board COPA ECTAA OEIL
Legislative Observatory Committee on Origin Eurocoton Insurance Committee
CVMP Standing Veterinary Committee Judgments Convention Brussels Convention
Rules of Procedure ACTE committee of inquiry decision-making body
family room residence permit stay permit residence authorisation
consumers interest group crop conversion project PIADP visiting student
Senior Fellow Visiting Fellow assessment group Conference on Health
Can-bridge Integrated Environmental Programme innovative rehabilitation activities basic long-term research
SCAS COSAC REGEN priority publications programme
central accounting unit Clecat multi-fund operational programme Inter-Service Coordination Group
Medical Committee sectoral import programme Consumer Policy Service Convention of Mannheim
Step ECIP programme Flair-FLOW project metal carbide
European People s Party studies and research CITE IRSA
UEAES Economic Working Committee General Committee Business Forum
HORIZON Euromanagement Pilot Project Medical Research Europe against Cancer
CUBE Customs Valuation Committee Fund Committee Anti-dumping Committee
SINCOM computerised accounting system Eco-products Working Party research measure programme
EDF Committee questions bank ONP Committee action-oriented research programme
Biotopes project Land cover project delegate model waste-management programme
Exprom anti-drugs programme European Bioethics Conference horizontal project
vertical project radiation protection programme Transatlantic Declaration MCAC
EACEM CETMA Budget Costs Controls SCSI
Aspec Cultural Goods Committee ECCC ECSC Loans Committee
ISEI ECSA vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae VA-mycorrhizae
IRIS STAR laboratory staff ECPRD
COPEC proof-reading of documents World Monitoring Project Compros
Impact Committee Eurocord ECMM Arbitration Panel
Arbitration Commission Voluntary Pension Scheme APEL Oil Supply Committee
legislative conciliation travel seating arrangements procedural page
general accounting finishing by transfer auxiliary imprest accounting
transfer shorthand word processing management of meetings
simultaneous interpretation auxiliary staff member collation checking
entering computer data duplicating internal administration outside specialist
management of premises building technician technical engineer systems analysis
handling duties make-up of documents workshop managing referrals
high-ranking visitor keeping records keeping inventories Supervisory Committee
media accreditation press accreditation accreditation press accreditation list
post vacant on post vacant from uniform CDRR
Coface AMUE Social Action Programme planter s bale
farmer s bale hogshead tobacconist cigarette vending machine
soaking light-strength tobacco straw tip bunching machine
tobacco in rolls texture colouration colour
price increase curing damage sale by auction processing centre
storage centre tobacco sector premium certificate right to premium
minimum quality characteristics first processing fine texture temporary bale
tobacco variety fine-cut smoking tobacco close texture coarse-cut smoking tobacco
tobacco in grains coarse texture tobacco in sticks tobacco in cubes
tobacco in strips light texture tobacco in blocks thin texture
natural tobacco unmanufactured tobacco average texture pieces of leaf
open texture cigar parings mottled broken leaf
colour of a cigar bronzed fleshy leaf well ripened leaves
reddish background fully ripe leaf mottled yellow pulpy stems
over ripe under ripe firm texture dark brown
nutbrown colour nutbrown warm colour lively colour
dull aroma of alcohol average quality defect in colour
leafy unit weight extraction of nicotine graphitizing
graphitization cyanate tempering process hardening
decolourisation steel plain carbon steel unalloyed steel
non-alloy steel ferrite photogrammetrical instrument impurity
melting range solar radiation equine infectious anaemia outright grant
contamination computer-assisted manufacturing computer-aided manufacturing erythroxylace
vine vine variety variety of vine fresh grapes
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