grape cluster bunch stem
stalk skin pulp trimming of bunches
destemming grape mill crusher stemmer
defecation settling debourbage screening
straining draining pressing overpressing
press free-run juice free-run light pressings
first pressings pressings press wine final pressings
must grape must concentrated grape must preserved must
mistelle cordage deposit from must amelioration of musts
saccharimeter starting of fermentation tumultuous fermentation malo-lactic fermentation
second fermentation second alcoholic fermentation Champagne method Charmat process
Minister for Housing ocular lesion atherosclerosis general anesthesia
general anaesthesia congestive heart failure source of supply psoriasis
manufactured product feeling of depression gene pool gene bank
invertebrate cable distribution infography computer graphics
sponsorship mail-order sale seed-capital company notwithstanding
means of support means of subsistence voice mail voice processing
non-simultaneous communication Antilock Braking System surface tension surface activity
winemaking vinification asbestos-based product leafweb drying
heavy metal fixing the colour colour-fixing gerontology
turbojet length of service seniority accrued service
transnational corporation transnational company punched card punch card
appellant organic intermediate product virtual circuit collator
power connection display console paper pulp remote control
storage CRT storage tube maple syrup ash content
formatting olefin derivative environment expert environmentalist
ecologist Solanaceae competitive variety tobacco-growing area
leaf axil leaf edge seed head veins
midrib rachis axis ribbing
leaf surface hairiness glandular hair leaf pigments
sucker tobacco growing tobacco cultivation tobacco grower
tobacco planter tobacco farmer interspecific hybridization fumigation
seedbed heated frame cold frame transplanting
transplanter plant spacing ridging suckering
disbudding side-shoot removal topping low topping
high topping topping ratio sucker inhibition maturity
physiological maturity natural maturity priming harvesting method leaf cutting
stalk cutting cutting bar stem eelworm barn-spot
nitrogen deficiency mole cricket cuscuta curing defect
black fire tobacco wildfire Frenching tobacco leaf curl
fusarium wilt root knot etch may bug
cockchafer tobacco black shank bacteriosis bacterial disease
deficiency disease storage disease parasitic disease tobacco ringspot
Bergerac ringspot tobacco mosaic mosaic disease herbane
broomrape tobacco brown-vein disease tobacco brown-rib disease midrib rot
tobacco moth tobacco thrips cutworm virus disease
virosis raw tobacco processing leaf string stringing
stringing machine hanging haying down drying the midrib
killing out flue-curing shadow-curing air-curing
scaffolding fire-curing sun-curing curing kiln
curing shed curing barn leaf-stemming leaf stripping
grading petuning mass cooling section
active fermentation artificial fermentation bale fermentation hogshead fermentation
chamber fermentation forced sweating forced fermentation slow fermentation
aging bulk fermentation after-ripening turn
redrying pre-moistening drying tunnel colour grading
sand leaf lugs resinous leaves undamaged leaves
middle leaves ripe leaves lower leaves ground leaves
upper leaves top leaves sound leaves tie leaf
tobacco processing tobacco-worker hand bundle
bundling bundle opener straight laying bundle loosening
butt butting tipping-butting machine stemming
green stemming threshing stemming machine threshing machine
dust removal dedusting revolving drums moistening
case roasting machine dipper and wringer denicotinization
compression blending recipe blending formula blending silo
cut stems stem rolling stem flattening rolled stems
stem rolling machine stem flattener cut rolled stem tobacco extract
cigarette end casing liquoring casing sauce
tobacco cutting machine leaf cheese tobacco strand strand of tobacco
width of cut curly cut fine-cut coarse cut
Flake-cut rotary cutting machine guillotine cutter post cutting curing
packaging machine measurer winnowed stock bird s eye
tobacco dust spinning twist acid tobacco
alcaline tobacco aromatic tobacco wrapper tobacco bright tobacco
tobacco for cutting shade-grown tobacco stripped tobacco spun tobacco
heavy bodied tobacco indigenous leaf domestic tobacco intervention tobacco
light-bodied tobacco off-colour tobacco neutral reaction tobacco dark tobacco
ornamental tobacco flowering tobacco foreign leaf semi-aromatic tobacco
green tobacco wild tobacco tobacco substitute filter-tip
filter-tipped cigarette filter cigarette humbug faulty cigarette
blended cigarette straight Virginia cigarette menthol cigarette oval cigarette
oriental cigarette Turkish cigarette Egyptian cigarette round cigarette
hand-rolled cigarette roll-your-own cigarette roll-up plain cigarette
Russian cigarette black tobacco cigarette cigarette making machine filling machine
cigarette rod machine winnower picker drum hopper
trimming shredder wheel equaliser filter rod
tobacco rod cigarette rod maize paper tobacco channel
paper strip channel seam cut-off knife tray
acetate filter rod filter tip mouthpiece cork tip
imitation cork insertion method heterogeneous filter double filter
composite filter single filter homogeneous filter cigarette weigher
size format King-Size cigarette packer
cellophane wrapping machine tear tape tear strip mycosis
fungus disease marker tipping plug of tobacco
shag loose leaf tobacco rappee cut-off
banderolling device soft pack american pouch cellophane wrapped packet
binder leaf binder shoulder box dry matting
parceller carton cigar maker matting powder
cheroot straw tipped cigar lighting end burning end
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