EEC Beer Review OPET media laboratory proposal for rejection
proposal to reject motion for rejection common Joint Committee Cheysson facility
European Statistical System subcontracting exchange new Mediterranean Policy NICE
AIJN European Fishing Assembly NCBA National Commercial Bank
Political Union New Instrument CEOS Delors package
European Over-Sixties Card Transport Infrastructure Policy first reading European development agency
European Information System right of initiative Community Eco-audit scheme centralising work
audio typing dormant commitments EPSO flagship project
CTMO plea in abatement request for cancellation application for revocation
European Documentation Centre Euro Documentation Centre Community dues EIICA
fishing vessel register Staff Notice departmental note European information internetwork
resettlement allowance Reper Permanent Representation session
second reading supervisory powers voting time Vice-President
compromise amendment substitute elect by acclamation plenary session
plenary verification of credentials term of office vacancy
Code of Conduct parliamentary term tryptophane tryptophan
tyrosine EDIP EDI project phenylalanine
CMGA starch ether starch ester medium grain rice
long grain rice NNWS non-nuclear-weapon states non-nuclear-weapon powers
precision guided munition World Disarmament Conference ALBM air-launched ballistic missile
surface-to-air missile ground-to-air missile attack submarine Subcommittee on Statistics
cooperation between enterprises business cooperation medium-range surface-to-air system decoy
Subscriber Identity Module Subscriber Identification Module maximum permissible dose maximum allowable dose
radiology electronic warfare Fast Track Authority fast track
International Dairy Agreement ASBM air-to-surface ballistic missile balance sheet account
collective statement quantitative restriction Net Value Added suckler-cow premium
snail reduced agricultural component grey rockcod Patagonian rockcod
general welfare contribution general social contribution self-enumeration householder method
Onidol nature protection nature conservancy retinyl palmitate
fibrous material CREDOC round grain rice pregelatinised starch
regional employment grant histidine triggering storage measures rural code
European Telemedicine Institute Journeymen s labour association epoxide supervisor
inspector records of evidence NMGA methionine
pigmeat regulatory fund Stabiporc pigmeat adjustment fund threonine
autochthonous indigenous aboriginal index-linking
indexation group-level works council silver carp Minister for Defence
disabled ex-serviceman Trade Negotiations Committee safeguard clause rollback
Head Delegate settlement of disagreements settlement of disputes dispute settlement
voluntary export restriction voluntary export restraint basket extractor mechanism basket exit mechanism
TRIMs panel report Anti-Dumping Code saxitoxin
exploding bridge exploding bridge wire exploding foil initiator computer output microfilmer
COM device aloes aloe bio-engineering
biological engineering bioengineering penicillin acylase high-gravity brewing
packed bed fermentation broth batch culture batch fermentation
bioaccumulation of metals immobilised biocatalyst harvested broth deacylation of benzyl-penicillin
endokytosis biomedical engineering enzymic reaction chemical feedstock
pilot-scale fermenter gene amplification gene machines eucaryotic genomes
glutamate overproduction halophile cell immobilisation immobilization techniques
phage infection enzyme inhibitors mycorrhizal inoculants intercropping
interesterification of fats interspecific fusion interspecific hydridization leghaemoglobin
lignocellulosic material lytic infection mari-culture on land metabolite synthesis
entomogenous microorganism halophilic microorganism mesophilic microorganism thermophilic microorganism
atypical organism outcrossing of caracteristics phytopathogen cadaver pituitary
multicopy plasmid plasmid replication Ti plasmid gas phase processing
seaweed-seawater processing protoplast fusion replicon machinery sterilisable sensor
interactive software strain stability phenotypic variability host vector system
non-agitated sparget vessel stirred agitated vessel entrapped yeast slides scanner
newscar chloroethanol Grains Trade Convention Cereals Trade Convention
eucalyptus eucalypt neoplastic disease flashing
blinking sizing scaling sequence of transactions
sequence of events path processing position
absolute vector thumb whell lateral movement graphical input
graphical output wraparound detectable segment graphic representation
diagrammatic representation light-pen hit light-pen detection detectable element
graphic primitive output primitive display element opposite edge
absolute coordinate input primitive incremental coordinate incremental vector
generate scalar value valuator increment size
stroke character generator program-controlled sequence line graphics coordinate graphics
sensing curve generator process of operation addressable point
raster graphics addressability foreground image dynamic image
computer output microfilming microfilming display image character image
segment assign intensity assign colour control the action
dragging appear intermediate coordinate system display instruction
display command locator handheld locator form flash
disappear choice device display surface highlighting
line segment echo virtual push button light button
virtual space tracking specify normalised device coordinate
normalise cartesian coordinate rolling state
suppression removing mirroring tumbling
hidden line coded image coded representation plotter step size
enlarging method of operation medium viewpoint transformation
window transformation viewing transformation translating computer micrographics
raster unit form gas-filled panel soft copy
print screen visually visual attributes visual impression
predefined world coordinate pulsation panning
persist static image background image representation
periodic change range of values rotating drum rotation
tablet form overlay grid of electrodes function keyboard
progressively scaling progressively translating directed line segment mount to
simulate marker mark start point
end point intentional zooming column
coll collection S-RAM SRAM
static random-access memory static Ram boundary coordinate
user coordinate wire frame representation pick device calligraphic display device
raster display device device independent device coordinate device dependent
device space coordinate system plotting head relative instruction
relative command relative position relative coordinate pattern of light
rubber-banding line-by-line scanning technique portion three-dimensional object
report form manipulate patentable Community Patent Bulletin
request for limitation Protocol on Litigation Implementing Regulations surrender of a patent
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