customs arrangements projection controllable-pitch propeller adjustable pitch propeller
meteorological instrument hydrological instrument pulse width pulse duration
federal state radome radar dome manipulator
enforced recovery check-in counter marketing agreement ridge
VISAR velocity interferometer patent licensing arrangement patent licensing agreement
seal SELCAL selective calling system selective calling equipment
source of supply opposition procedure side lobe dioxaphetyl butyrate
data plate time slot neutral process transceiver
translation encoder transcoder catalyst abrasion transducer
wake vortex turbulence copper chrome arsenic copper chromium arsenic illicit drug
illegal drug ante-natal clinic curve fitting territorial protection
passive sale orthosis o-phthaldialdehyde oral hearing
maritime transport route polyetherimide tax base antabuse
birth interval dizygotic twins fraternal twins non-identical twins
biovular twins birth rank birth order child spacing
birth spacing ship conversion birth timing legitimate birth rate
multiple delivery plural birth multiple birth single delivery
single birth total birth rate explosive weapon blast weapon
built-in stabiliser automatic stabiliser heaping bunching
economic cycle business cycle business economist Credentials Committee
death penalty capital punishment financial assistance career system
duplex fidelity rebate flicker harmful interference
homing guidance framework decision microwave landing system manouvering area
movement area manoeuvring area passive homing guidance passive homing
proportional representation proportional electoral system phototypesetter light pen
comprehensive test ban ASAT antisatellite weapon entropy
energy flow Wysiwyg scrolling advancement
blanking highly enriched uranium high enriched uranium video recorder
video-tape recorder video cassette recorder promoter nitrogen mustard
BMEWS structured query language SGML binding agent
agglomerant röntgen roentgen powdered cheese
Liner Conference maculotoxin tetrodotoxin fugu poison
business name coke oven pedoclimatic environment password
refrigeration chill proofing centrifuging European badger
surrogate mother livestock farming animal husbandry repeater
elegibility for financing antisubmarine warfare competitive inhibition competitive exclusion
seeding tropical rain-forest countervailing duty plea hail-protection net
anorexia antisubmarine missile multiple re-entry vehicle nuclear-powered ballistic submarine
SSBN SSGN proper social protection combating of exclusion
right of association ECU clearing system mutual assistance specific regional interest
Political Director immigration policy charitable association intermediate monetary objective
key interest rate external operation general reserve fund multilateralization of positions
very short-term financing short-term monetary support common organizational structure Red Cross
IOBC WOSM SIPPA Izmir Treaty organisation
Economic Cooperation Organisation IBPGR IPGRI Bioversity International
Lando Commission ATPC Subcommittee on agriculture green card system
Commonwealth Agreement international sugar conference General Conference Fiapa
Chemical Weapons Convention Bioweapons Convention BTWC Plenipotentiary Conference
International Diabetes Federation World Diabetes Day megaelectronvolt mega-electron volt
CIRFS IRSFC ADNR London Dumping Convention
NPT Review Conference CASS World Climate Conference Paris Act
joint agreement production agreement International Jute Council Committee on Projects
Fund Convention ACFM ICICR International Scientific Cooperation
Kiosk Convention World Medical Association NOx Protocol BSEC
Black Sea Cooperation NGDO non-governmental development organisation CATF
BCSD HCNM BIAC shipowners committee
Express Mail Service ICAC CILC IFSW
IRRI spadefishes basic tax international satellite organization
ASOR IAMT review conference Cartagena Commitment
Kyoto Convention Anti-Slavery International Fechiplast Energy Working Group
Ipheca ICFY International Cocoa Council Cartagena Spirit
Consumption Committee Production Committee Technical Advisory Committee Management Advisory Committee
Joint Central Team home team home team leader Special Working Group
IBC Code local job local shop Flood Action Plan
movable property ENDC Headquarters Agreement kilowatt
INTAS International Prisons Observatory International Prison Watch Christian Democratic International
REMPEC International Philatelic Federation CISDCE Future Large Aircraft
CTBT management fee americium chromic anhydride
diaminobiphenyl degree Baumé nickel chloride radium
deuterium-tritium methylenebisthiocyanate leave to enter entry permit
paging receiver unit judicial review Court settlement auditing
auditing of accounts audit Children of God cooling fan
HVDC high-voltage direct current plaster-finishing D of J
Department of Justice drug distribution chain population policy provisional rate
nitrogen phosphorus potassium ship s mechanic strawberry crinkle virus Private Telecommunications Network
Private Telecommunication Network MMBM malate dehydrogenase population theory
user establishment population statistics demographic statistics vital statistics
registration statistics vital record population census urban population
conjugal status marital condition marital status civil status
naturalised person naturalised citizen population growth population pressure
demographic pressure population equilibrium probability sampling probability sample
partial census linguistic minority time series acquittal
internal migration external migration national minority general population movement
population change population movement demographic change composite household
urban area resident population de jure population change of residence
postal inquiry mail survey short-term forecast summary table
optimum population farm owner natural increase natural growth
stationary population stable population volume of migration gross migration
nuptiality rate marriage rate broad age group private household
family household child-woman ratio net migration gain net immigration
net migration loss net emigration exercise one s powers over-population
under-population change of occupation non-family household institutional household
marriage certificate blower welding electrode lubricating preparation
volumetric equipment Minister for Coordination subsidised interest rate cooling water
Act on lotteries management of claims reduction venting
basic local authority economic viability alternative airfield push-button switch
threadable tube all weather operations bioconcentration factor industrial set-aside
speaker phone no-hands telephone Rhone artery Rhone arterial route
welded tube threaded tube threaded pipe tasting
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